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Midday Message| Irosun Ogbe| It can All be yours if...

Alaafia! (Pronounced A-LAH-FI-AH) This is a Yoruba greeting that I would equate to, “Shalom!” As I am writing this blog it feels interesting. I don’t often blog in my Priestess energy but here I am today. Normally when I cast an Odu for the collective, I do a live video of the interpretation. However, my tonsils are swollen so I will honor the rest my throat needs and share this using a different medium.

If you’ve missed any of my previous divinations that I have done live, they are all on YouTube.

Today, I was asked to teach about something for Ifa. To share something that is both a message as well as a lesson.

Orisha tradition, commonly known as “Ifa” centers around the divination system. That is what Ifa is. The system works in a binary code that points you to a scripture that will align to what you are divining on. The scripture will have stories/parables and allegories, as well as the medicine prescribed in that situation to either support the positive manifestation (Ire) of this story or transmute any negative manifestation (Ibi).

This is a collective message so trust your intuition, even if you don’t like the insinuation that it’s speaking to you in the negative context. All is always for your highest good.

I hope that if you continue reading you are open to receive the wisdom that follows.

Odu – Irosun Ogbe

Irosun – Is the idea of fulfilling your potential. It is taking the spiritual gifts and talents, as well as wisdom, of the ancestors and using them to their full potential.

Irosun also relates to the menstrual cycle, specifically the beginning. So, we have this new beginning here as well.

I should note that I’ve done 3 different divinations in the last 24 hours and Irosun was present in all of them. This week this would make the 4th time. When I see Irosun I immediately feel like the ancestors are speaking at that time.

Ogbe – is the very beginning of the life – death – transformation – rebirth cycle. It is openness without any obstacles. It’s often associated with being an “open road”. If you were to look at how Ogbe is marked, it looks like 1111 or the marks on the highway that keep you in your lane. It means you are in alignment (or need to be) with your destiny.

The highway analogy wants to continue. If you have a solid like or two solid lines, you can’t move. You can’t change lanes. You can’t pass anyone. Or at least you shouldn’t. You should stay in that spot.

However, with the lines with spaces (which is how Ogbe looks) there is fluidity in this as well. You can flow in that lane. You can change lanes if you like. You can go around cars when possible. You still have to be mindful or what is ahead of you before making any moves. Still, it is you who have a bit more influence on this. So being mindful of how you use the energy is important.

With us getting this on the heals of the new moon and at the start of Mercury retrograde, I believe there are some old ideas being released so that the new ideas have room to grow and flourish.

The question is, “Are you living up to your full potential?” That’s what Aries season calls us to task to do. Aries is the sign of “I am”. So, who are you. You are your ancestors. And in that you are the sum of everything they were, in total or in part. You inherited not just wounds and pain, but talent, gifts, success, and more. Learning their stories can help you see where you can tap into that energy.

I heard community ancestors too. This is the wisdom passed down for generations. Stories that held wisdom in them. It’s knowing the difference as well. Having discern around what things were from trauma and what things were not, and then moving accordingly.

If you are someone that has a practice that includes ancestral veneration and garnering wisdom from them, it behooves you to listen to the advice given. If you are just starting out but aren’t 100% there yet on understanding communication, this is where a reputable medium can be of assistance. This is not you looking outside of yourself. Your ancestors are within you and around you, just like all other energies. Consider a medium like a spiritual translator. They can help you to understand what your ancestors have already been trying to tell you.

If you don’t have a practice of venerating your ancestors, I would say consider why not. Especially since you’ve gotten this far in reading. Chances are you do so already, you’re just not intentional with it. Still, if you don’t’ have a practice then digging into archived to see who your people were is a great place to get some insight into things you may not know about yourself. Do you like to work on cars? You may have an ancestor that was especially handy. Learning about them may support you in being more aligned with that ancestors energy.

Our communal ancestors are those that transitioned but weren’t blood related. Teachers, community leaders, and even celebrities. Consider who transitioned that you reacted to viscerally. Like this person isn’t family but it crushed you like they were. That individual can be an communal ancestor for you. Consider who they were, how they lived, advice they may have given, and how can you apply this to your life.

There’s a story in this Odu about siblings, a brother and a sister. The brother was the oldest and the sister was the youngest. They were both given the same advice. Give this offering because there’s a blessing coming your way. You’re giving the offering so that you can have a long life to enjoy the blessing. They were also advised to not be greedy. They were also advised to not speak falsely about what is and is not theirs. They both got this information on the same day.

So the brother is like nah I’m not doing that. He totally understood what was said and why. He basically was like the Priest is lying, Spirit is lying. He basically accused the divine of trying to steal from him.

The sister, however, did complete her offering.

Sure enough, a day comes and there is an inheritance from their father. The village gathers because there is a deed to their land and it has to be given to one of them. Of course, the Elder brother says it belongs to him. The sister doesn’t make a big fuss and the land is turned over to the brother, thus making him chief.

So he’s living the chief life. All is good. He gets everything that he wants and needs. However, he sees this meal and is like, “Yo, I want that.” His advisers are asking why he needs that meal. Why is he not happy with what he has. They are advising him against this, but he isn’t listening. He goes to get this meal and ultimately, he ends up in a situation that gets him “unalived”.

When this happens, the land must pass on and the village votes unanimously to give it to his sister. She was made chief and very well received. The village had prosperity and peace from then forward.

Some thoughts and impressions from this story

There is first the importance of heeding the advice given in divination. If you went so far as to get a reading or divination done, the person you trusted to perform this service for you does so and gives you advice to support you, why would you not do it? Why did you even come? The brother just wasn’t taking advice period. Even later, he is told to enjoy what he has and he still doesn’t listen. He ends up not being around to enjoy his blessing.

In African spiritual sciences (traditional religions) reciprocity is very important. The push and pull, give and receive dynamic is very apparent in these traditions. This is done in the form of an offering. The offering simply has to be appropriate for the situation and the energy you are giving the offering to. The idea that you have to spend all this money to accomplish this task is simply applying human ego to divine wisdom. They know they aren’t physically eating the food. If you read and study, most times if a spread is offered it is done in conjunction with sharing with friends and family. It’s part of a celebration or feast that folks will come and eat.

Sometimes the ebo (offering) is an act of some kind. You’re doing something. For example, I wore white for 2 weeks. The money I spent was simply to add a few more pieces to my wardrobe so I could actually do this with a bit of ease. Today and most other days I offer this divination as part of my offering to Ifa.

My Iyalode (elder spiritual godmother) would say don’t over complicate your ebo. I stand on that as well.

There’s a feeling I got recounting this story, so take what resonates and leave the rest. This patriarchy vs matriarchy business. I look at patriarchy and I how it has become such an institution of take, take, more, more. Give me all the things and let me oversee all the things. I may not be good at the things but I am man so I must have them. This was the brother’s mindset. I shouldn’t have to give anything. I should just receive and that be it.

The sister was patient. She waited for her time. Whether that was what she saw coming for herself or not, she knew she gave her ebo. She did what needed to be done. She then allowed Spirit to move on her behalf. Speaking from experience this can be hard. I have been, very recently honestly, in that space of, I’ve given what I was meant to give but I’m not seeing the other side. I was frustrated. What I love about God and Ifa is that no one is asking me to forsake my humanity while embracing my divinity. I can have those moments of frustration. I don’t stop though.

I give the next ebo.

I say my prayers.

I give gratitude.

Because I know God will, the Divine Will, Spirit Will, My ancestors Will.

Not can…They Will.

Sister understood this and Spirit did. But look at also not simply did she get her blessing, the village was blessed when they chose a new leader. They had peace and prosperity (those are feminine energies).

Just something I caught just now and not when I initially read the story.

Here’s the actual divination

*Following advice of our Egun (ancestors) leads to fulfilling our destiny – What have your ancestors been trying to get you to do? Or having you do (because you’re listening)?

* Adhere to your taboos (If you are an active practitioner you understand this part) and do your ebo (offering)

*Head cleansing recommended

*Destined to be rich, but remember destiny is not assured. Anything can cause you to shift timelines and move the energy either toward or away from this

*There is adversity but how you handle it will assure wealth/success

*Greed causes trouble so avoid it.

*Only do what you know you can do. If you know you can’t do something right now, then don’t say that you can. Honor yourself and trust that when you’re able you’ll be able to commit. No over extending yourself.

*Give offering not just for the blessing but also for long life so you can enjoy the blessing

*Spiritual discipline and ebo lead to good fortune – Spiritual discipline means you have a practice, and you stick to it. Daily prayers, meditation, etc. What does that look like to you? Are you consistent? Consistent doesn’t mean perfect. It means there’s a rhythm or cadence to which you follow most of the time. – Again, ebo isn’t just about you going out to spend all this money for whatever. It’s about time. When I go shopping, I get little signs after I purchase anything I’m using in my offering. It is less about the giving of it. That’s simply a formality. Was I willing to devote time to show gratitude to the blessings and/or protection from loss that Spirit/The Most High and my entire spiritual team are supporting me with?

Notice this Odu itself didn’t ask for an ebo beyond a head cleansing recommendation. It simply says, hey you got a lot of blessings coming your way. Give Thanks. In this case give thanks to your ancestors. Thank them for your existence. Thank them for the talents and gifts supporting you. Thank them for lessons learned that created knowledge and then handed down as wisdom. Thank your ancestors.

Change in regime… it’ll be interesting to see what that is about.

Be mindful of how you treat each other and speak about each other, Brothas and Sistas.

Be sure to like. Comment so I know you came by.

If you would like your own personal divination, simply book some time with me. I’ll be visiting a client out of town this weekend but I’ll be back some time Sunday. Plus with this tonsil, best I let myself heal before I am doing a lot of praying and singing.

Thank you again for stopping by.

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