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Being a Diaspora Death Doula

I support "friends" and their family during the last months and/or moments of their journey here in this Earthly realm. I offer non-medical care that is physical, emotional, and spiritual in nature. I partner with the "friend" to help them determine what an "honorable transition" to the spiritual realm of the ancestors would look like. We partner together much like the way a birth doula partners with the parents during the journey of growing and bring a life into this realm. I partner with "friends" to help ensure their peaceful transition into the ancestral realm and reunion with the Most High.

Happy Couple

Cultivate Legacy

A Legacy Plan

As our journey here comes to an end, we often think about what we want to be remembered by. More than just the inheritance. What lessons, stories, thoughts, and reminders do we want to leave. As your "friend" I can help you to create a plan with your family to ensure the true essence of your legacy is left for your loved ones.

A friend in need

Cultivating Presence

Sometimes it's the touch of a hand, a kind word, or listening ear that makes all the difference. I will work with my new "friend" to see what that can and will look like for them. This is a benefit not only to the friend but to the caregivers who may need a break from time to time. And yes, this can be done virtually as well.

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Oil Lamp Offering

Honoring the Journey 

Cultivating Dignity

Your transition should be a sacred time. As much as possible I want to help the final moments be as peaceful and full of good feelings as I can for my "Friend". Considering traditions, the environment, and many things that aren't often considered is my role. I want to create the energy of peace, joy, and reverence that fits into the specifications of my "friend". We can discuss this in your plans and ensure that your transition is one that fits your wishes as much as possible.

Ancestral Rites

Our Honored Dead

Peaceful Passage to the Eternal Garden. That is my intention. How you would like to honor your ancestor is completely up to you? My intention is to support you in this transition and honor your feelings and wishes at this time, as well as that of your new ancestor. My "friend" and I will discuss this as part of the planning.

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I can help you in determining what options you would like in terms of wakes, natural burials, and funeral services.


I can call the family of the "friend" if need be. I can you plan a home vigil if that is something that you desire.

making a plan

Together my "friend" and I, along with family as needed, can create an end of life plan. Think of this much like a birth plan.


At the end of the day I am my "friend's" advocate. My intention is to ensure their transition is peaceful and filled with dignity.

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Returning to the Garden

Death Doula Services

There are lots of things to consider when planning for the transition of a loved one or your own journey back to the Eternal Garden. Funerals can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. 

Your Death Doula Service should not be something that breaks the bank. 

Services are only $75/hour and will not exceed $400 regardless of how long my "friend" and I work together in life. 

I will support the family for up to 1 week post funeral included in that rate.

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