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Google Review

I first met Niyah at peaceful warrior apothecary when she did my first reading and what an experience! Her reading was so accurate and her advice and guidance to strengthen my spiritual journey and connection with my ancestors was beautiful. I loved it so much I went back to her for another reading and a birthday card reading (she tells you what two tarot cards are associated with your birthday ) and again spot on. I learned so much about myself and was surprised by some things she said. She truly has a gift and a light about her that will draw you to her. I have joined Niyah’s Grotto and can’t wait to continue my spiritual journey. I’m so glad I became one of her clients.

Confident Woman

Google Review

I originally found Niyah on a trip to my local apothecary and am so happy that I did, she is very intuitive and comforting. The reading and advice she gave was very spot on and was immediately helpful. I don’t identify as a spiritualist, but I feel she can help me on my journey to create a spiritual practice.

Smiling Elderly Woman

Anonymous GiGi

You won't believe this. My oldest son and his wife who swore they were only going to have the one child, are apparently trying for a second one. Your chart reading predicted it!


Free Consultation (Not Readings)


Ifa and Orisha Services

Healing Services

Healing is simply the understood terminology. Understand you are not broken. I'm also not "healing you". I'm simply the vessel to help illuminate what needs to be seen, felt, reflected on, acknowledged, and addressed. Sometimes it's simply being a little more balanced. 

My intention is for my services to serve your highest good. As long as you are open to receive, they will.

Healing Stones

Healing Services



The study of the energy found numbers and letters. Your birthday, your name, the name you like to be called, your lineage, all tell a story.

Learn yours.

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Astonomical Clock


The study of the energetic impact of the movement within the cosmos. The Creator isn't just moving those celestial bodies for fun. Get a basic look at your big 4 to learn more about you.

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Numerology & Astrology

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