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Meet Owinni Adina Duronsinmi
Fa Omi Sango

Iyanifa, Spiritual Awakening Doula, Death Doula, Reiki Master, Master Life Coach

Mother, Mistress, Maiden, Maven, Magick

About: Headliner

A little about Iya

Hi! I am Iyania Owinni Adina Duronsinmi. I am a Priestess in the West African tradition of Isese, commonly known as Ifa. The lineage that I am Mother to is a Black American Diasporic lineage. Meaning, we practice Isese through the lens of the Black American Experience.

I count myself fortunate to have been born in a lineage that was an entirely wombholder Ile that was more traditional in how we did things. My  godmother was not just an Iyalode, she had roots in various religions and practices that helped us honor the fullness of who we are.

After initiating, I spent a good bit of time just sitting in my relationship with Ifa, Orishas, and other divinities of the tradition. 

2023, I finally stepped out as an Iyanifa and launched my Self Love and Spiritual Mentorship Journey, From Self to Source with Ifa.

My Ile is a sanctuary for Black Women who are awakening as Oracles/Sybils. Ironically, I am one whose mother is named Sybil.

Outside of being an Iyanifa, I am also the mother of boys, a BLERD, and totally geek.

One of my favorite things about my Ile, is the cornucopia of souls that are in this spiritual family. Realizing almost all of us are neuro-spicy makes for interesting interactions when we are all together.

The Temple, Temple Egbe Ori Egun Ofo Ase is something I thought would only be in my head. The broader community space is home to all genders. Primarily it gives safe space to the Black Community of the African American Diaspora. Giving space to the unique way in which Orisha and the other divinities commune with us.

About: About

Who I Help

  • People in need of clarity at a crossroads

  • People wanting a confirmation they are not alone on their journey

  • People feeling disconnected from their Divine self

  • People having an awakening and needing support in cultivating a practically spiritual practice

How I Do It

  • Mentoring/Coaching

  • Live Classes/Self-Study Courses

  • Divination

  • Energy Healing

  • Creative Art

What's in It for You

Not simply answers, but confirmation that:

  • You are Divine

  • You and the Most High are ONE

  • You are NOT alone

  • You are LIMITLESS

  • You are LOVED

About: Services

Our Core

Always Authentic

I stand in my own authenticity always, so that my clients always feels inspired to stand in theirs.

Practically Spiritual

Support will honor the duality of our nature. Reminding souls they are Divinely Human.

Safe and Sacred

I create sacred spaces where my clients feel safe to share, learn and grow.

Honor and Trust

I will honor the boundaries of everyone I work with. I will ensure the sanctity of our sessions, whatever that may be, is always honored.

Energy is Everything

The energy I bring will always be of the highest possible vibration.

All are Divine

Practices and traditions don't make you Divine. Your existence does.

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