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It's Time...

Your Awakening has  begun. You're being called to traditional African Practices. You're being called to various esoteric information. How do you organize all the information and experiences into a practical, authentic, nourishing spiritual practices? What do you need to do before choosing an ATR (African Traditional Religion) or ADR (African Derived Religion)? Sign Up for my Self Love and Spirituality Course and Mentorship Program| From Self to Source with Ifa to get all of these questions answered.

About the Program

My intention with this program is to help you cultivate a strong spiritual foundation that leverages the various teachings /experiences that supported me on my conscious spiritual awakening journey,  as well as the beautiful wisdom and teachings of Ifa. 

What I have come to understand about the Wisdom of Ifa as a religion is that it's roots are Self Love. The Tenets, Ethics, Wisdom, Ritual, and Practices of Ifa make up the soil nurturing and feeding those roots. The tree growing from the roots is You. It's me. It's all of us reaching our Divine potential.

Who is my mentorship program for?

  • Black women and femmes in the African American Diaspora looking for a community that understands their unique journey and how it colors that spiritual practice.

  • Black people who have felt like the other and are looking for a community that allows them space to embrace the fullness of who they are.

  • Black People interested in practicing an African Spiritual Religion/Tradition but aren’t sure where to begin.

  • Black People interested in deconstructing their relationship with God/Creator/Source

  • Black People interested in honoring their Ancestors more intentionally, as well as their practices.

  • Black Women and Femmes who have become aware of their spiritual gifts, but need help deconstructing old ideas so that they can fully embrace them.

  • Black Women and Femmes who are looking for a Spiritual home in the Ifa tradition within the African American Diaspora

Questions to ask yourself?

  • Am I ready to love myself on all levels; mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually?

  • Am I prepared to do the Self Love work first?

  • Am I looking to learn or to be right?

  • Do I just want to get some ceremonies done, or am I looking to embrace Ifa as a support in me aligning to my destiny?

  • Am I committed to my own awakening journey?

  • Am I ready to be a part of a community?

  • Are you prepared to have a Black American Woman as your elder, guide, support, and leader?

What does this program entail?







Here's a brief outline of the program (in no particular order):

  • What is a Spiritual Awakening

  • Altar Work

  • Starting with You - Self Love, Shadow Work, & More

  • Higher Self, Ori, and God

  • Cleanse, Purify, Protect

  • Ancestor Veneration

  • Ifa World Truths

  • Cultivate a Dream Practice

  • and More...

What do you gain from the program?

  • First and foremost, a deeper, more fulfilling, relationship with yourself.

  • The audacity to be your most authentic self.

  • Alignment to your favorite destiny.

  • Skills and tools to support you in making more aligned decisions.

  • A relationship with God/Source/The Creator that isn’t based on judgement, fear, or pain.

  • A spiritual family of beautiful souls all embracing the fullness of themselves and each other.

  • An elder that helps you in cultivating your spiritual awakening journey in a way that feels good to you.


Additional Effects of this Program

  • Living in your Iwa Pele

  • Embracing the Ethics of Ifa

  • Cultivating a Spiritual Practice rooted in Self Love

  • Cultivating a relationship with your Ancestors and Egbe

  • Seeing the Divine in a Practically Spiritual light

  • Recognizing you have always been worthy of all your good fortune



  • Do I have to initiate into Ifa to be part of this program? No. Though a potential outcome, you do not need to align to initiation for this program to be of a benefit to you.

  • Is everyone enrolled in the program also a member of your Ile? Yes. There is a prerequisite ritual that must be completed prior to you officially becoming a member of the Ile. This ritual is done on your own.

  • How much is the course? If you purchase in full the course is only $2750. You get one month free at full price. You can also pay just $250 a month or $125 biweekly. (Taxes not included)

  • Do I have to take this program to initiate through your lineage? Yes. You must enroll in this program and have completed at least ¾ of the work before consideration will be taken for any initiation. Isefa (Hand of Ifa) is the only exception since it is not an initiation.

  • What does the cost include? The journey is a group learning program with individual 1 on 1 support. Classes are biweekly as an Ile. We meet once a month for 1 on 1 checkpoints. All Ile members get 1 divination quarterly and 1 Ori Cleanse bi-monthly included in that pricing. Additional services are extra but at the Ile pricing. Ceremonies, Offerings, and other tools are not included.

  • What is my commitment to the Ile itself? Great question. First and foremost is doing the work as an individual. This is why we have a ritual that all members must do that symbolizes their desire to truly be in alignment with themselves. Ile members participate in activities such as Itadogun every 16 days and Ijosin once a month (currently). These are times of veneration, fellowship, and in some instances offerings. There are more but that is all I can share here.

  • How is the class work given or completed? There is course work that you will do online. Then we come together as a group to debrief. After enrolling in the course you will receive your onboarding emails and invites to the group and meetings.

READY! CLICK BELOW TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT. ONLY 10 spots available. Classes will be back in full swing June 2nd. 


I'm Ready to Begin


Click the link below to enroll in the program. Once you enroll I will send you welcome email . You can start taking the classes immediately. 


Got Questions?

I'm happy to answer any additional questions that you may have regarding the program and enrolling. Feel free to book some time with me. 

Should I consider being a devotee?

Questions about Ifa as choice of religion would need to be considered via divination. You can book one with me and get insight into how Ifa aligns to you as a religion and not just support.

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