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Iba Ori

Gratitude and Give Thanks to the Aspect of us that Remembers Our Oneness with Source.

Our Ori... regardless of the tradition, practice, or religion; is a very important aspect of our spiritual self. Everyone has an Ori.

Honoring and aligning with your Ori ensures you are aligning to your destiny.

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About Ori

The literal translation of the word Ori in Yoruba is "Head". In a spiritual sense, our Ori is the aspect of us that remembers its oneness with the Creator. It is intimately linked to our Destiny.

Ori is our consciousness. It's how we think, feel, receive information, process information (perception), and make decisions. It is through our Ori that we connect with our intuition and our entire spiritual court. 

There's a saying in the tradition that basically says, "If you want something, inquire of your head."

If you consider our anatomy, our head is what holds us upright. It aligns our spine. It influences our balance. In a spiritual sense, Our Ori is what helps us be in alignment and in balance.

Our Ori has multiple aspects that help us in our alignment. Most people don't realize it but they reference their Ori often.

"I had a vision." 

" the top of my head"

"In the back of my mind..."

Like I said. Ori is a Yoruba term, but we all have one and should honor it.

Imagine, there's a part of yourself, sitting with the Creator and is with you at every step of your journey. It is with you even more so than your ancestors. You are your own personal guardian angel It is always sending you nudges and inspiration to help you on your journey.

That's a lot of work and effort to help you be the most joyful, inspired version of yourself.

You should make space to say thank you and show gratitude.

Ori Work is a form of Self Love

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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