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Ritual, Ceremony, Fellowship

Coming Together With Intention

Community. Village. Ile. Egbe. Groups that come together with the intention to learn, grow, heal, venerate, and worship. Ritual and Ceremony are an important part of Orisha tradition regardless of which path you choose to follow. As you explore more, you may feel a louder call to not simply experience Orisha, but take a more committed connection through ceremonies like Initiation. Here are a brief list of different ceremonies and service that support you in creating intentional connection.

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Sacred Soulful Saturdays

Join Iya Daniyah as she honors Ifa, Orisha, the Egun (Ancestors), and Ori during a special Service. Consider it like a glimpse into Ose Ifa. Experience teaching on a different topic every two weeks and from the Holy Odu. Donation based event.

Hand of Ifa
When You Are Ready to Begin

You come to Saturday Service and feel your Ancestors stirring in your soul. You find that this feels like a part of your journey and you are ready to begin. You receive divination and it confirms that Hand of Ifa (Isefa) is aligned to your destiny. 

Hand of Ifa is a starting point. It helps you begin the process of cultivating a relationship within the tradition. Through this leg of the journey you will create routines and learn ritual. You are laying the foundation for your personal spiritual practice.

Note: This is not initiation. It is simply a way to build a foundation. Making for fertile ground to journey more to yourself.

Hand of Ifa.png

From Self to Source
With Ifa
Initiation (Itefa)

Some people feel a deeper call to the tradition and venture to undergo initiation. However, this is not simply about walking the path of an Orisha practitioner. Nor, does it make you an Priest or Priestess.

The true intention of Initiation is to journey to your Divine Self. Initiation is a commitment to live and walk as your authentic self. 

The journey with me begins with YOU and culminates in ceremony to solidify your inner knowing.

In short, this ritual helps you to align even closer to your destiny. Consider it like learning not only the why, but different aspects of why you were born. Other ceremonies, like Orisha initiation, provide awareness of the additional support you have on your journey.

Not everyone needs to initiate into the tradition. Your ancestors and Ori, along with divination, will confirm if this step is aligned to you and your journey.

For anyone who feels they want to take this journey with me, your journey begins with my mentorship program. You can join the program even if you have no intention to initiate.  

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