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Next Opportunity for Isefa is May 2025


This is the beginning of the journey to self with Ifa. This will bring to light the supporting energy that Ifa is providing toward your destiny. You will create routines, cultivate a relationship with your Ori, The Witness to Creation, and The Divine Messenger. 



  • Enrollment in Hand of Ifa Level I Learning Program
  • Divination to determine of Isefa is in alignment for you and that you should receive it from me - Separate Cost


This is a process that does not have to be completed in person.

The cost of the energy exchange will be contingent on whether you purchase your own tools for consecration or I purchase them.


You do need to have had a divination to confirm if Hand of Ifa is part of your destiny. If you have not received divination to confirm, a session can be booked. This is a separate service.


The Entire process for Hand of Ifa (Isefa) includes an Ori Cleanse, Meditation, Divination, Consecration of your tools, and Naming Ceremony.

This may take place over a couple of days.


Classes are recorded and there will be opportunities to work with the the group.


This is NOT an initiation. It is a ceremony but you are not initiated into the tradition when you receive this ceremony. Some people never take it further. Initiation also doesn't immediately indicate you will be a Priest or Priestess. This journey isn't about titles, it's about alignment with you, your Ori, and Source. 


Isefa/Hand of Ifa Level I

  • All Sales are final - Please be sure you have completed the prerequites prior to purcahse

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