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Destiny Ebbs & Flows

It is not still. Destiny is an ever weaving tapestry. Even the ones chosen before your birth are fluctuating as the energy fluctuates in your life. Still... you are the writer of your story. Which chapter will unfold? What will you create in your journey. Divination is not simply about learning the what. It's the why and how to move based on the energy. Learn more about Ifa as a tradition and divination below.


The Priestess

Iyanifa Daniyah Fa Omi Sango

September 2021... Actually the journey began in March 2020. Opening up and discovering. When I met my Iyalode, I was on the path and didn't even know it. I journeyed forward to the mat in September 2021. Yemoja, Sango, The Mothers, and Orunmilla all calling their essence within me. My ancestors rejoicing at this Rebirth.

I needed time alone with Ifa to learn just what MY practice would feel like. Now, Spirit is asking me to share this part of me more intentionally.

The Essence of Ifa in My Own Words

My Iyalode gave me the 16 World Truths. The resonated so deeply. I couldn't understand why someone would be against the tradition, even if you didn't practice it.

  • We are all one with the Universe and Each Other

  • The experiences of our ancestors is within us all

  • We all have a purpose. We simply have to live it.

  • The journey is about harmony within ourself, Ori, and ancestors

  • The Universe conspires to be good to us

  • On the other side of our fear is genius

  • Trust in yourself. You know the way.

  • Do not initiate harm

  • The Universe/God is our supply. We have all we need.

  • It's all about good character

  • Challenges can be overcome and learned from

  • As we Learn we Teach. As we Teach we Learn.


Understanding Ifa Divination

The Metaphysics of Your Journey to Your Destiny

Ifa is like many other divination systems. It brings clarity to the energy around you and a situation. Are you going through an ending or a rebirth? Are you being persistent or hard headed? What new opportunity is coming?


The Holy Oracle (Odu) is a collection wisdom handed down as stories and parables that illustrate the energy. It also includes medicine (Ebo/Offerings) to either transmute less favorable manifestation or give momentum to positive manifestation.

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