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This is not an initiation

Because your Ori is associated with your Head and entire body, this is an in person ceremony.

The Ori Shrine or Ori Ile is a sacred tool that acts as a focal point for veneration of your Ori. There may be a special need to have a physical shrine for your Ori.

Veneration of your Ori is one of the principle practices in Isese traditions. Though you don't always need an Ori shrine, you can receive one to helps support you in your practice.

Ori Shrine Consecration

  • This is not a magic trick to "fix your life". It is to help you have a focal that reminds you to align with your favorite self. Your journey is still your own and there is no expecation beyond that with this shrine and ceremony.

  • Ori Shrine consecrations are typically held in May with all other ceremoies

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