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Divination for the World | Healing in Black American Diaspora

Alaafia Everyone!

Every year the Isese World Community comes together in Yorubaland to celebrate the New Year in Ile Ife. During this celebration, divination is done for the World.

This divination can often be challenging to understand for those not in the tradition, however, I feel like the messages shared this year can not only resonate with the people in my community, they can heal those willing to receive the medicine in the words.

My intention is to share a synopsis of the messages and how it applies to Black Americans in the African American Diaspora. As with any divination, we will be giving offerings to help lock in the blessings and ward off any negative outcomes. We will be honoring the taboos and advisories as well. If you are not in the tradition, but want to receive the blessings and protection being given, you can reach out to me directly to see what steps you can take.

This divination for the World is from June 2024 - May 2025. I have already started seeing some of what is mentioned coming to pass within my life and that of my godchildren.

The Holy Odu revealed is Otura Ogbe. This Odu is nicknamed Ori Ire. Ori refer To your head or your consciousness. Specifically, Ori is the total embodiment of who you are. It is the thing that makes you Divine and Human all at the same time. Ori is the essence of God in everyone and everything. Ire means good fortune. So, this Odu alludes to the fact that all of our good fortune comes through our Ori. This is a beautiful reminder and a powerful message to the World that it is Ori… Us… Our Divine Spark will be bringing these blessings into us this year.


Within this Odu (Scripture/Sacred Word), we also see that blessings and protection are also bring brought to us by Shango, Orunmilla, Egbe, and our Ancestors.


All things are dualistic in nature, including the Scripture/Odu. It can be manifested in the positive or negative depending on things going on now. In this case, this Odu comes with a big challenge around our health, specifically illness and disease. As I’m looking at this aspect of the Odu showing up, this is not simply something like COVID. This is us taking care of ourselves; mind, body, and soul. We need to be nourishing ourselves so that we can not only bring in the good fortune, but have it and us last a long time to enjoy it. Contrary to high level overviews of Ori, it is not limited to our head. When you look at all the areas Ori relates to, Ori is our entire being. So, to get a divination indicating health is the area of opportunity, we need to look at this through a broader lens, much like Ori.


And yes, EVERYONE, regardless of religion or otherwise, has an Ori.


This Odu broke down insights in a few key areas:

·         Prosperity – heavy on the financial abundance

·         Victory

·         Protection

·         Marriage/Relationships

·         Childbearing

·         Health

·         Hard work


Prosperity for all. Being jealous blocks your blessings. The World is Abundant. Jealousy is the thief of joy. The right ebo can protect you even in challenging economic situations.


So many of us in the world are experiencing challenges due to the economy. It was refreshing to see that Ifa has wisdom on what to do to help improve our situations. Ifa says that life will be sweet for us. Eating certain fruits as well as offerings will help ensure that sweetness finds us and sticks to us.

Ifa recognizes that this economy has been hard and many of us are feeling the emotional and mental impact on ourselves. Ifa urges us to not give up on ourselves and life. Ifa says if we are in dire straits we should go for divination and see what offerings need to be made to realign yourself to the path of prosperity and abundance.

Divination is not about giving your power away. It’s the opposite. It’s about not letting the creation process simply happen to you but being a part of the process and updating your journey to a path of more blessings.

Be mindful of jealousy, especially directed toward people of authority. Everyone has their own destiny. If you don’t like how it is unfolding, change it. Get divination to see what changes you need to make and then implement them into your life.

It is our Ori that is going to bring prosperity, we simply must trust and build that relationship with it. When our Ancestors were enslaved, so much of our tradition was lost that this relationship was pushed to the side. Many of us were raised in religions that separated us from our divinity and taught us to not trust ourselves. To access the blessings waiting for us, we must reconnect with the Divine that lives and exists as us.


If you are someone that has consecrated shrines, and honestly, I would say altars if that’s what you work with, Ifa is advising us to not keep them in darkness at night this year. Blessings ae being worked out for us at night and this keeps the way lit for them to arrive.


Victory is assured with proper ebo. This isn’t just victor over enemies. We are winning at life. Victory over adversity. Victory over poverty. Victory over illness. Victor in every sense of the word.

This one was pretty straightforward. We honor our Iwa Pele, give our ebo, observe our taboos; we’ll be hearing congratulations on how we overcame and had victory in our lives.


Protection for those in our charge and for those in our family, namely our children. Protection of your success and your health is also being called out. Listen to those that love you. Men this one is specifically for you.


Leaders of communities and parents are being called to be intentional about protecting those in their charge. What are we protecting them from? The things that any parent wants to protect them from so that they have long life, joy, good health, and overall good fortune. We are not only giving offerings, but there are some other things we are doing to make sure that those we love and care about are protected.


Men… MEN… MEEENNNNNNNNNN…. You are at a greater health risk this year. Why? Let’s consider the fact that you have all been made to be out of balance. Heavy on black men taking on mantles that never belonged to them, thus cultivating unnecessarily stressful lifestyles. This stress, coupled with the masking of your emotions, has a build up of so much negative energy in your energetic field, it is no wonder it is physically manifesting. I’ve heard far too many stories of young men having heart attacks and the like. This is the year you listen to the women in your life that love you. Whether they are your spouse, girlfriend, best friend, whatever. If this woman loves you and tells you to take a break, relax, see a doctor, drink this tea, take this herbal supplement, etc. DO WHAT SHE SAYS. Ifa is not only trying to balance your individual life, but there is healing trying to be restored within our community. Please…. Just listen.


Envy is coming up here again. This is because there will be more accomplishments this year and there will be people in your life that may feel a way about it. We are being reminded not to be envious of others. Envy isn’t always something you prevent, but you can make sure you don’t live and dwell within the feeling. Don’t be overbearing with your success. Be mindful of who you share your success with. I’m seeing people getting spiritually attacked by the unchecked envy and negative emotions living within people they love and care about. It’s important to acknowledge the feelings you have and then do something about it. This doesn’t mean direct malice at the one you are jealous of, this will not work out well for anyone who tries. It does mean transmute that envy to become momentum toward your personal goals.


Marriage/Committed Relationships


I mentioned previously that I feel like Ifa is bringing healing, especially to the Black community of the African American Diaspora. So much dialogue about who should pay what. Wondering why it seems back women are making more money even with the wage gap. Ifa has answered.

The first advisory is for women who make more money than men to basically accept it. That’s an advisory for men and women. If you understand the financial dynamic pre-colonization for those of African descent, this will make sense as to what Ifa is trying to show us.


This said, it does not mean that women in tis position should be rubbing it in the face of their partner. That blessing can easily be taken away. The purpose of this is to cultivate balance within the household. While the wife (or woman/femme partner) is making the money, she doesn’t make decisions alone. The couple is a partnership and any large capital purchases should be discussed with her partner.


Men are being called still to listen and communicate with their partners, ensuring harmony and peace within the household.


Ifa is also encouraging us to be who we are when it comes to the relationship dynamic that we want. Don’t pretend to be monogamous when you are actually poly and vice versa. We are encouraged to be honest about who we are and who we love.




Those who were once barren will have children this year. It is Obatala who is helping the barren become fertile, especially men.



Our Ori is not simply our head, it is also our body. Our Ori is reminding us all to take care of our health. Eating lots of fruit this year is going to help us restore our body. Resting and taking breaks is going to help us to restore our body.


Taboos –

In Isese we identify things as taboo. These are things that don’t align with our energy, body, spirit, etc. There are a multitude of reasons why a particular thing is not in alignment. There are a few that aren’t in alignment this year.


·         Rushing your learning and development process

·         Operating in jealousy

·         Avoid eating chicken, okra, eggs, and peppers the day before, day of, and day after a funeral. These foods are not eaten in the Ancestral Realm. Eating them during and near the time of funeral rights can disrupt the Ancestors ability to transition home.

·         Women/femmes rubbing in the face of their partner(s) that they make more money. In addition, being overly stingy.

·         Men not heading the advice of their loved ones that is for their highest good, especially around health.

·         Keeping your shrines/altars in darkness at night


If you are not in the tradition, or associated with any spiritual house, and would like to be included in any of the offerings, feel free to reach out to me directly.


Even if you don’t join in the offerings, I encourage you to really sit with what has come forward. Feel what resonates with you and move accordingly.


Wishing you all a beautiful 2nd half of 2024 and first half of 2025.


Agbo Ato! Ire Gbogbo! Long Life and all good fortune.





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