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Today I Sat with Oya

Alaafia and Agbo Ato Everyone !

Eku Ojo Ose Irenli! 🌪🌋⚡️✨️ Today is the day of the stone throwers. This morning I actually sat with Oya. I learned how she speaks to me.

The energies of Ireni are all hot 🔥 🥵 When I think of heat I think of fire. This is action oriented energy. I asked Iyansa for a message I could share.

It's about courage.

"You are dealing with something that you can not deal with without support. You need to have the courage to ask for it. Courage is not trying to go at it alone. Wisdom and discernment is knowing when something requires you to ask for help. Courage is being vulnerable and admitting it. So many hardships we bring on ourselves due to our own unwillingness to ask for help. And don't wait till the last minute.

You know you need X number of dollars.

X amount of food. Why are you waiting? Who told you not to ask ahead of time. Poor planning.

I had a vision of a baby being taking care of.

You are not a burden.

But you will be burdened if you do not step up to the plate and answer the call when called.

Your courage is bound by your own limitations.

I heard a chain break.

The stone throwers are here to support you.

They will not act unless you take the action and ask. An ask is answered. Ask with earnest.

It will be answered accordingly.

Ire! Aséoooooo 🙏🏾

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