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What is it like to be Witnessed by Loved Ones

What is it like to be witnessed?

I was waiting on my friends to write the forward for my new book. I remember when this particular friend called me to advise he finished the book. The book isn't super long, nor is it short. He's also not a huge poetry person. So, when I got the call only a few days later that he was done, I was surprised.

Let me add something here that I feel it is important to note. My best friend works a full time job, has a children, and a wife. However, even if it is just a simply text to say what's up, we communicate. There has been no major event in my life that he has not had the time to be present for. He has been to every birthday gathering for my sons, even if he couldn't stay the entire time. My birthday, has never been missed if he was included. If I ask for feedback on something, he gives it. When I see posts that say, "Oh well grown ups can't have regular communication..." I challenge you to consider if you are manifesting that from a wound. A wound where someone let you down and you felt like maybe YOU were asking too much. We may not get to do lunch or things like that often, but communication not happen for more than a couple days, negative. I can't relate. Outside of my friend Nikwonn, my closest friends are all men with lives, families, careers, and school. Time is a construct. And even within its confines, they have it for me. Even Nikwonn, who isn't even in the same STATE doesn't go too long without sending me a "Hey My Daniyah" text, which always makes me smile. If you want time, manifest it. Stop conjuring inconsistency on yourself and others with your words.

Thank you for that brief intermission. LOL

Ok so he reads it and calls me. I'm in awe that he finished. I'm still working on me, so I was really concerned as to what he would say. He had one of the best compliments I could have received. He asked how I wanted the Forward to be. I said honest. That was all I said.

I received my forward last night. Normally I'm so happy I cry. This time, I didn't. Not outwardly. My Soul smiled and shined. Now, I want to cry as I'm typing this. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever read about me.

You know, I've only been witnessing myself in the last 2 years or so. That's it. I couldn't not see what some of you saw. This beautiful, celestial, GODDESS on Earth told me she would come to my events solely for my light and my energy. He would say something similar. Like you walk in and you stand out. Stand Out? (Picture me looking around like confused.) Who me? He's said it for over 10 years. So it didn't start when I began seeing myself. He has always been able to see me. He has witnessed me at some of the lowest moments in my life. And he never once saw me as less than supreme.

I am confident he is supposed to reflect me back to me. It has always been said that I am very close to Source/The Most High. It makes sense then that my best friend would be named for the Arch Angel on the right hand, and my first born child named for the one on the left. We even share the same Rising sign. You ever realize someone was born to be your friend in life. That's what I know.

When you buy my book you'll get it. You'll read his forward and, even before you read another page, you will bare witness to me.

I couldn't see myself. And I used his affirming words to reprogram my subconscious. I didn't have affirmations I believed. So I recorded myself saying the words he would say to me. I repeated the words a lot of you said to me. That hash tag #goddessvibes was initially a programming tool. I didn't believe it when I first started using it. Then one day, I typed it and I believed it.

Since then I have been able to witness myself. He reminds me when I step back into old programming and forget that I am a goddess that is connected to the Most High. He reminds me that I am powerfully connected to Spirit and should lean into that when I am feeling lost. This is what it looks like to have a soul tribe on Earth.

And for my other dearest loves feeling like #AllFriendsMatter LOL, you do. I love you all. I ... I needed to say thank you for that Forward though. I needed to articulate what it evoked in me reading it.

What's dope is that.... my purpose... is to help others witness themselves by me witnessing them. My ability to peer into your essence and then illuminate you from the inside out, that is my super power. I can see your shadow. I can see it wanting to step into the light. I can see the Divine in you, even when you are unable to witness it yourself.

Thank you to my dearest friend, the Arch Angel whose sword is the mightiest of all. Thank you to the Most High for allowing us to journey in yet another life together.

I am grateful. I am seen. I am witnessed.

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