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Today Mercury is in the Heart of the Sun

I decided to do this one as a blog. It's a short transit with powerful implications as we move forward. Today 4/11 , Mercury found its way in to the heart of the sun. Here are some highlights from an Astrology forecast I heard, along with some personal reflections.

What is a Cazimi?

When the planet is at the same degree in the same sign as the sun it is said to be Cazimi. When the planet is approaching the sun (or moving away) it is being "burned" by the suns rays. From an astrology perspective what is happening is the will of the sun is outshining the planet's energy.

When the planet is right in line with the sun, in the heart of the sun, it is Cazimi. At this point the planet basically has the full illumination of the sun to do what it's going to do.

When is this happening?

7:00 am April 11th

When does this start feeling?

You'll notice the feeling began around April 9th (probably that afternoon). It'll be stronger today and then Thursday, April 11th will be its most potent, especially that morning. Friday is when it is moving out of the Heart of the sun.

What do we need to know about this energy?

Mercury, which is currently in retrograde, is going to be Cazimi (like a super conjunction) with the Sun (which was just eclipsed).

General significations:

  • Whenever Mercury is retrograde it is in its evening star position. Associated with Yin or Feminine energy. It is moving backward toward the sun.

  • Mercury significations go through a death and rebirth process.

  • Delays and setbacks/reversal of fortune

  • Can be frustrated at the beginning - planet is losing it's volition. Normally it is moving against the flow of the sky (going it's own way). In retrograde it is like it is being pulled back and thus gives a feeling of not being in control.

  • The transformation happens at the conjunction so to speak and thus is a reset point. Maybe even a crossroads moment.

  • Cazimi indicates a rebirth process - transforms Mercury to a more Yang (masculine) energy

  • Mercury is trying to be tactful. Mercury in the Yin energy is a bit of awkward.

  • Now being reborn into a more assertive position.

  • Mercury Rx is being hosted by Mars and Pisces

  • Being imbued by the Sun and given new life

  • Improved communication (mundane and spiritual)

  • Improvements in speech

  • Delusional sense of confidence

  • It's going cazimi in the heart of the Sun which is Exalted in Aries

  • Exalted means the Sun is exceptionally potent in the sign of Aries

  • Feeling of getting high off of your own idea

  • After the Cazimi - something new starts to come forward

  • Solar eclipse makes it very potent

Bound and Domicile of Mars

  • Mercury is in the Mars decrees of Aries so this makes it very potent

  • Mars is leaving a conjunction with Saturn - Pressure cooking maturation where your will is learning greater discernment and fortitude, worked through a block or frustration

  • Whatever frustration encountered - Is launching us forward in a new direction - momentum or decisive action

Jupiter and Uranus about to conjoin

  • Revolutionary energy

  • wants to create breakthroughs

  • connected to the Solar Eclipse and the Cazimi

  • Mercury heading toward Chiron

  • April 14th and 15th

  • Healing around Mars/Aries themed topic

  • This being the start of a breakthrough happening with Jupiter and Uranus

Personal thoughts and reflections from Iya Owinni Adina

  • Mercury Cazimi can give bursts of inspiration - Write your ideas down - then feel the inspired action post cazimi

  • Mercury has an association with Esu, the Sun with Obatala - Consider what these two Orisha represent and how them coming together can be showing up in your life.

  • Look at where this is happening in your birth chart. What area of life is being highlighted? Journal your experiences. This can help you look back during the next cazimi and see what the energy was when you experienced it this time.

  • What obstacles (Mars) are being removed? What is trying to open up for you.

Even if you don't have the skillset to read your chart on your own. Paying attention to Astrologers you trust can give you valuable insight you wouldn't otherwise glean for yourself. That is what their mission is and the blessing of them being given this skill.

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