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From Self to Source with Ifa - A Journey not a Destination

"From Self to Source with Ifa" is approaching the one year mark. I've learned a lot and grown a lot over the last year. In that time it has become more than just simply a mentorship program. It has become a doorway that people walk through in order to begin their journey with Ifa, that cultivates the relationship like a Self Love practice.

I ask a lot of my students. I ask of them - themselves. That is a lot to ask if you are someone who has been avoiding truly digging into who you are, how you move, why you move that way, and how can you move differently. It is easy to just move about aimlessly, allowing life to happen to you, unconsciously co-creating.

On a journey like this, well now you are being held accountable for your co-creation process.

You are being called to task about what it is you want, need, and desire to experience in your reality. You are the director, producer, and writer of this movie called life.

There is deconstruction work that happens as part of this journey. A good majority of my students come from an Abrahamic religion. Experiences with that religion were good, bad, or indifferent. However, those experiences color how they see themselves and the Divine. That is challenging. You have to be willing to see things through new eyes. Not everyone is ready to do that. That's ok.

The Ile and The Temple - Things I did NOT see coming as a result of launching this program. Still, I'm so grateful that my Ancestors and Ifa nudged me (somewhat gently lol) in this direction.

Ile Egbe Ori Egun Ofo Ase is the school. This is the home for those that want more direct connection with the teachings and medicine as I administer it. They may or may not want to become a devotee in the tradition. What they want is to foster a relationship with themselves, the divine, and have a community that is supportive along that journey. That is what my Ile is.

At present my Ile has become a home for those that want to love themselves more. It has become a home to womb holders and their children. It has become home to Black American women and femmes. It has become home to neurodivergent and differently abled, be it the student themself, or they have a child who is. It has become a home where LGBTQIA+ and other Queer people can feel safety within the tradition. Growth here, is not limiting or subject to colonized influences. We all flourish.

Temple Egbe Ori Egun Ofo Ase is the spiritual/religious community. I teach to the Temple at large. For those who are "Friends of the temple" and send monthly donations, they get immediate access to attend monthly classes. They also have opportunities to participate in rituals. Though the Ile is currently womb holders and their children, the Temple is open to the broader community at large that wants to fellowship with Ifa and Orisha. Attend our Itadogun ceremonies. Come to our east days (coming soon in the future). Enroll in one of the monthly classes. And more.

This community is Black American. Though the practice is definitely in line with traditional Isese, we are not a Nigerian community and will not profess to be such.

From Self to Source with Ifa is a 12-month mentorship journey. It's school. By enrolling you are saying that you want to become more aligned with yourself and have a better relationship with the divine. By enrolling, you are saying you are committed to self growth and aligning to your destiny.

There is a 7-day initiation ritual that all of my godchildren do in order to be officially part of the Ile. You can enroll in the course and not be part of the Ile. You may need the medicine the program has, that's ok. You do not have to be considered one of my godchildren though. If you want to be considered one of my godchildren, the elevation of your Ori is the first step on that journey. And yes, I have godchildren who are not actively receiving ceremonies. They are, however, actively seeking themselves and walking in their Iwa-Pele.

Self Love is the foundation and the roots of this journey. Everything grows from that vantage point. Ifa is the soil nurturing those roots. It offers soul food and nourishment to the journey of Self Love. That is the lens from which I teach about Ifa/Isese as a religion and tradition.

There is no fast track. I'm sure ego can have you thinking you can rush the process. I'm sure that someone will feed into that. I'm not. This journey was approved by Ifa as the foundation of growth in the lineage I am birthing. There is no rush. If there is a need for protection from something so detrimental you need a shrine, that is another conversation. There is no, "I'm special so I should...". In this community, everyone is special. Your time is your time and not a moment sooner.

Isefa can be done during the next initiation season as long as you have been consistent in the coursework and completed the 7 day ritual each time we have done it.

Orisha initiation can be done after completing 3/4 of the main course work, over 50% of Level One Hand of Ifa coursework, and 7 days with the Orishas Shadow Work.

Full Initiation/Itefa can be done during the next initiation season as long as you have completed more than 3/4 of the main course work, All of Level One Hand of Ifa, and it has been sanctioned and confirmed by Ifa, Ori, and the Ancestors.

I am a full time, working Iyanifa. This program, ceremonies, classes, etc. are how I keep food on the table. That said, I'm only suppose to support specific people. Everyone isn't meant to engage with my temple. Everyone isn't meant to be in my school. These were things that I had to accept. Ifa will provide as long as I'm consistent in walking in my path. I know this.

I had some folks that sincerely hurt my heart.

That's ok.

I was frustrated that more didn't enroll at first. Concerned when some couldn't stay.

Now... I think I'm over my initial goal.

And now I have openings for 5 more students into the program.

Still more to learn but I am so honored to be on the journey and leading it for others.

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