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Wandering| When The Compass Just Spins

I saw this on the back of a jeep like twice, maybe 3 times, "Those who wander aren't always lost"

When I saw it again this morning, it triggered me to think about myself. See, I am blessed with multiple gifts and talents. I didn't always perceive it that way though. I feel lie there was always this question of, "What should I do?" Ultimately it kept coming back with, "Everything."

I received a very beautiful spirit drawing once and one of the pieces of information that was shared with me is that I hadn't been at full power in a long time. Which made me feel like, oh, we about to do that this lifetime. Then, just last night, I received another. It almost looked like a compass with all of these things on the outside and then arrows pointing. When getting the interpretation tonight, again it was like, "It feels like you are going in multiple directions, but they are all working in balance. Like the 4 corners." Even in one of the prayers I wrote I say, "Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. All are present within me here."

So as my mind wanders and new ideas come to the forefront, on the surface it seems like I'm working on multiple directions. In reality, I am and I'm not. There is this center point in my compass. All of the various things pointing to that centralized point.

I'm being called to the phrase, "Jack of all trades. Master of none..." I put an ellipses because the full quote is "A Jack of all Trades, A Master of None, Often times better, than a Master of One".

I can do a lot of things, exceptionally well. I can also do quite a few things pretty well. And dare I say, I am a master of more than one thing. I learn things exceptionally fast. I learn them well enough to then reteach it to someone else in a way that is far easier than how I learned it. I know how to bring logic into some of the chaos that surrounds teaching various topics. Thus, I like to learn how to do them for the sole purpose of reworking how it is taught.

I enjoy so many things. Like, I have a thirst for knowledge. I take it in and really take it in. Then, I want to teach it. I want to share this new skill with others. I wonder how can this help someone else in some way. Once I'm settled on it, then I make space to share it. It's why I know multiple forms of divination. It's why I don't simply offer regular/practical coaching services, my services are all practically spiritual.

I really wondered for a minute if I needed to scale back, but when I did my business reading the thing that came up as my strength was diversify and versatility. It is my ability to pull seemingly unrelated things and bring them together that makes any experience with me unique.

So when you find yourself being called to something new, when you are trying to figure out which gift should you share, when you seem to be pulled in multiple directions; pause. First, find your center. Your personal core truth. How do these things lend to your truth? How do you find balance in them? Once you find balance and alignment, you'll know if you need to do one or all of them. Be the Master Jack. Phrases like the one above are what seeds limiting beliefs.

Remember you are limitless. So, the notion that you can only be really great at one thing is simply an ego mindset. You are an aspect of the Creator who is good at EVERYTHING. So why couldn't you be great at a multitude of things?

Go be great. Go enjoy and share your gifts and talents. You'll know what is working for you and what isn't. You'll find the balance and harmony in them. And you realize, you aren't lost, all of the directions are pointing to your center.

Thank you to Shosh from Otherworldly Archive for seeding the notion that I can go bigger. Thank you to Christine from Akashic Records for yet another amazing reading and inspiration.

Gratitude and all praise to the Most High for regularly sending me inspiration and signs along my journey. Shouts out to my Spiritual Court for laughing at me tonight, furthering my belief that the truest essence of our Divine support is love and laughter.

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