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Unlikely Connections| You said WHO walks with you??

In the mornings, I get up and I journal. Initially it starts off as me journaling about the goings on or things I want to remember about the day before. Looking at the synchronicities of my daily divination and how the actual day played out. In the course of writing I'm not overthinking. I'm clear. And while writing I'll get messages, downloads, inspirations, etc.

This morning, it started with a song. "Jesus walks, God show me the way..." then it was "Speak Lord, Speak to me". Now, that's two totally different genres, eras, etc. Music catches my attention but this was like, what the heck.

After the songs, I begin thinking. At least one paragraph is going to be what I thought this morning. Depending on what happens as I write how much farther I go.

Before I get started, I'm sure there are like questions. Most notably, WHAT IN THE WORLD? LOL. Trust me. I often feel the same way. This is the best way I can describe the, why.

I am a multi dimensional being, in that I am not one note. In the grand scheme of things I have never been one note. I am multi faceted and thus my connection with the Most High is just that, multi faceted. I am in no way a Christian. Never have been. You'll see below that is a huge fact. I am an initiated Iyanifa in Ifa. I am studying Bhakti Yoga. I am a tarot reader. I will be taking an official astrology class. I do numerology. I am super interested in studying more about the Kemetic Neteru. I'm really intrigued by angel lore. It goes on and on.

My path to God is as vast as I my spirit. Or it's at least trying to get there. I am not limited because God is not limited. I want to experience Source in a variety of ways because that is my calling, to be true to who I AM. I am a perpetual NERD. I love learning. I'm a scientist. You can't just tell me something and I say, "Oh cool," and that's it. My spiritual practice is as much logical as it is spiritual. That duality is, heck, it's Aquarius whose rulers are Practical and structured Saturn and rebellious and vast Uranus. That's me.

What's beautiful is that because of this, I can see how everyone is truly trying to say the same thing, just in different languages. Everyone is creating this tapestry of their experience with God. And when you look at them all, the pictures are become more and more the same but the colors used are different. Yet they are evoking the same feelings. When I say everyone, I would hope it goes without saying that I mean people who are truly on a path to enrich their spirit with love, joy, and bliss. Anyone else...yeah probably got something else going on.

Now, back to the topic at hand. I could have written off "Jesus Walks" to me watching the Kanye documentary two days prior. However, it had been two whole days. I'd listened to a lot of music between now and then. I haven't watched The Color Purple in I don't know how long. I had no idea where that song came from. The fact they showed up together was really interesting.

I get those bumps or nudges in music. It might be Beyonce "Bigger" when I'm not quite feeling the most powerful. I might need to go to my altar so a very specific Orisha song or prayer may begin to run through my head "randomly". Earlier today one of my guardian Orisha showed up to support me, because I was having a whole moment. So, the song thing wasn't unusual. The song choice though surprised me.

I should say, Jesus (or Yeshua), has popped up for me more than once. Still, growing up as an Israelite did make me step back and ask...WHAT? LOL. He showed up in a dream so vivid I did a podcast episode on it. You can listen here.

So today my thought was about who Yeshua is to me personally. This is my personal understanding of what I got this morning.

Yeshua was a man. He is now an ancestor. He is an ancestor that is elevated as an Ascended Master. What this means is that he, in his life, didn't have what we would call an ego self. He was born fully understanding that he was one with Source. Not that he was in fact The Most High in the expanded since. It was that he is an aspect of the Most High just like we all are. However, in his ability to already see this with full clarity when he was born into this world, he didn't have to battle with an ego trying to tell him he was small. He didn't have to believe that he couldn't, because he knew the Most High dwelled within his being and thus did exactly as he felt called without hesitation.

In the words of Beyonce, he "stepped out of his estimate, lived into his essence, knew he was excellent" and he rose to the assignment he was born with.

I believe he wanted everyone to realize that same feeling of oneness with Source. That connection to the divine that dwells within every one of being.

Medium, Oracle, Intuitive these aren't "super powers". Yeah some people have a predilection to certain "gifts". However, at minimum, I think everyone is innately energy sensitive and intuitive. You simply don't realize that is what it's called.

People who have tapped into their Spiritual gifts have simply made it a habit to connect with Source. And not in a way that you read about in a book or something. A genuine connection that is pure and authentic to them as an individual. If I understand some quotes and teachings attributed to Yeshua, one was specific about there not needing to be a building to connect with God.

If you think about that, it makes complete sense. Like, why would you only be able to connect with the energy of all that is, was, and every will be; in one location?? Or only in a specific location. You carry the light of Source within you. You just have to go in to find and connect with it. If you have trouble doing that, sit in Creation. And I mean the outside part (your house is a part of Creation).

Find yourself a nice spot to just sit. And don't think about it. Use the words God gave you and TALK. Talk about the most mundane thing. Then, be quiet. Sit and wait for a response. And you may not notice it the first time. You do it again. And again. And with intention. You need to intend that you want to speak to the Most High. Use whatever name that resonates with you. Later on, you and the Creator can decide what works best for your personal relationship.

But sit. Sit. Have a chat with the Creator.

If I could impart any thought that I feel Yeshua would want you to know, it's that you aren't separate. You aren't alone. Every energy that was, still is. Every energy that will be, already is. For those of you that feel like Yeshua is an aspect of God, so are you. It is your own limiting beliefs that would have you think that you are less than. You are worthy and always have been worthy of God's love. I wrote one day to stop saying that you received a blessing even though you weren't worthy. Who told you that you weren't worthy of the love that dwells within you?

The God of my father is not looking down waiting to punish you for something you did. All will be as it should be. "Wrongdoers" they get what they need, but even they have a purpose. You don't know what the purpose is, but you aren't meant to. Only your purpose and what you are meant to do in this world. You are meant to love. You are meant to be free. You are meant to be happy. You are meant to be pleased in the sight of the Most High. God is bliss and if you are an aspect of God, that is what your purpose is... to find your bliss.

Take time to sit and listen to yourself. Learn to discern between the voice of your ego and the voice of your Higher Self. What is your High Self? It's the aspect of you that still sits with God. It's you that is still close to your Creator. It's you that already knows every possible path and timeline and thus wants to nudge you to the one that is for your highest and greatest good.

You aren't meant to live in a world full of hate, pain, and anguish. But it is up to you to decide which path you will remain on. You can continue to follow your ego, or you can learn to listen and feel (because there is always a physical feeling first) your intuition guiding you. That is the voice of Higher Self trying to bring you clarity. The more you connect with Source, the clearer Your inner voice will be, and the softer your ego will become.

I'll leave you with this thought. I was listening to an astrologer that also practices Bhakti Yoga. His description of God was imagining God floating in a golden room in lotus position laughing. Just like a full on belly laugh. THAT. Take that with you.

I don't know why I had to write this. I did what I felt called to do. I hope that whomever reads this finds something that uplifts and illuminates their spirit in a way that feels good and loving.

Have a beautiful day or night, whenever you come across this.

Jesus didn't have a Higher Self because he was his Higher Self. He already saw the path. He was aware. He understood. He simply wanted us to be aware too.

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Unknown member
Mar 09, 2022

Thank you for sharing this beautifully written piece! This really came on time for me!

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