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My Practically Spiritual Practice and I

You know... my spiritual practice is really eclectic, much like my personality. In some ways I am very much an Aquarius sun. In others my progressed sun in Pisces shows up. Both signs are a little weird so you know, eclectic.

What I can say is it feels good. I enjoy it. I enjoy spending time talking to God or my ancestors. I enjoy channeling. I enjoy doing readings. Those are so much fun, especially watching the synchronicities show up. OMG. So freaking cool. I enjoy the days when I want to be formal in my prayers and I enjoy when I feel like being simply me and speaking from my heart.

How did I get there though. Honestly, it started with me. It started with me simply figuring out more about myself. Being able to get to know myself and learn more about how I tick was really key. Being open to learn and experience was the next step.

However, I don't know that I would have been open had I not learned more about myself. I think, before learning I wasn't simply an Aquarius sun, I learned I was a Master Number 11 Life Path.

I'll be honest. It shook me a little. Like when you really dig into the calling of a Life Path 11 and how they life may be. SMH. I was like this is a lot. Honestly, I think I remember finding that out years ago and basically running from it. It wasn't until I read it again 2 years ago that some things in my life began to click and make sense.

Then I got back into astrology and learned my rising, moon, and midheaven. Just those alone, before I got into the rest of my chart, was eye opening and affirming. Getting into more was just really shifting. I saw things in my chart that just explained so much. I even found the potential for me having infertility issues or pregnancy complications. It was really eye opening.

Things like understanding I have an 8th House Stellium in Aquarius and a Scorpio 5th House really explain my affinity toward horror movies, occult, metaphysics, esoteric topics, and more. Stellium is having 3 or more planets in one sign. I have an Aquarius Sun, Mercury, and Mars. Sun - My personality, Mercury - thoughts, ideas, communication. Mars - passion, will, drive, desire, conflict.

I was like OMG... no wonder I'm into this. So I just leaned into it. I have to catch myself so I don't get into rabbit holes LOL. Still, when I'm learning and studying and practicing... this is what I enjoy.

Another thing I learned early was how to feel my intuitive yes and no. THAT, changed the game. Once I confirmed it, I realized I had been feeling it and really didn't know it. Being able to lean in and tell when I have the green light and when I need to hold up, that is just so helpful. And realizing this is me. It's the part of me sitting with the Most High that is feeding me guidance. That part of me is always with me because it is ME.

Why this was important is because it allows me to discern, what practice is for me and what isn't. Does this resonate with my favorite self even if conscious me doesn't really understand? Certain ideas, concepts, resonate with me and some don't.

My Aquarius mental really comes in handy as well. I operate my practice like a scientist in some ways. Seeing what works and what doesn't for me. Doesn't mean it doesn't work. It simply doesn't work for me. That's ok. Everyone's practice and path is unique. You have to discern what works for you and what doesn't.

Example... ancestors are evil. Really? Your great grandma evil. You auntie you loved that passed on, is she evil? The misconceptions around how it is and whatnot are "wow". When you are able to peel away the superstition and rhetoric to the core of it, you can determine what is and isn't right for you.

I also had to spend a lot of time (and still do) reprogramming how I see myself. The more I can resonate with the truth of me versus false notions, the more pure my relationship with the Divine is. Example... Jill Scott "Golden" is my ancestor song. That may seem odd, but for me to realize my ancestral potential I need to live my life to the fullest. Live in ways they couldn't. Go for my dreams. Life my life like it is golden.

It started out random honestly. I don't remember the logic in the first moment, only that is the song I wanted to sing for them. I think I cried the first few times. I sing it joyfully now.

If you were to ask me where to begin crafting your own practice I'd say with you. Start getting to know you really. If you aren't sure where to begin, hop on my coaching program for Crafting Your Practically Spiritual Practice. We'll start with you and work are way on up from there. You is the foundation. You are the practice. You are the individualized aspect of the Creator. It begins with you.

I hope you enjoyed this. Share your own thoughts and experience below. Thanks for reading.

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