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Happy Kwanzaa! Umoja! Cultivating Unity

Happy Kwanzaa 2022 Everyone!! If yWou would like to learn more about the holiday, symbolism, and traditions. I would encourage you to check out the Official Kwanzaa Website. It has a lot of great information on there.

Each day of the celebration is colored by a principle. My intention with this series is to consider each theme on a personal level and how I can align to it. How can I tap into that energy purposefully? So I asked a question based on the theme.

I'm a day late but the theme for yesterday was Umoja!! I always think of the Mother of All, Yemoja, when I see this name. How the Mother is often the one in the family that brings about Unity. Yemoja is definitely Big Momma energy. She would be the one whose house everyone met up at for holidays. I realized in the last year, that I was working toward being that for my own family.

So what does Unity actually mean? Oneness, whole, totality, harmony

Here are 4 things that I can do to cultivate more Unity in my life?

  • Remember that life is both material and physical. Consider a practically spiritual approach to challenges. What can I do in my physical life and my spiritual practice to bring about resolution?

  • Allow my poetry to be more reflective of all my various aspects. I've worked to incorporate certain parts of my personality in m writing, however I know there are layers that have yet to be seen and I would like to embrace those as well.

  • Affirm that I am WHOLE unto MYSELF. I am not a portion of the Most High.. I AM and in that I am whole. Not broken. Not in pieces. WHOLE. And in that wholeness I am amazing!

  • Encouraging more people of different spiritual practices to have dialogue and see their Oneness underneath all the human mistranslation.

I didn't include this but I realized that I have been purposefully working to do this. When doing research for my business I realized that black men niched to black men. Black women to black women. I couldn't see myself just leaning to one group. I want to support the Black Community. Period. I know that part of my work is the reunification of the divine feminine and masculine in harmony. Helping people learn the ebb and flow of the energy within themselves and each other. I just haven't felt i can do that by only working with one group.

Plus... that B in LGBTQIA+ is me. I may have chosen a male partner, that doesn't mean my attraction to the goddess in human form has left me. I still see. That's just not who I'm dating. I will always be here for you regardless of gender.

How will you cultivate more unity in your life and/or community? Comment below.

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