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About Last Night Finale - Filled with Gratitude

About Last Night Part 3 - An Abundance of Gratitude

Sorry to make you wait so long :) I am so absolutely grateful for so many parts of last night. I'm going to try to cover them all.

Thank you to the folks that were part of this event. Like I mentioned in my live, I needed that reminder that I can orchestrate a most glorious event. This was a testimony to that. Still, there were so many key elements that had to come together. Each showed up like a whisper.

Most don't know that André Diesal Heyward was the first person I told and I asked him if he wanted in. Truthfully, I was surprised he said yes. I checked in here and there and it was still yes. My homie showed out last night. I am so absolutely proud of him and grateful to call him friend. You did that sir!

I was part of a showcase and I saw Stephen Smith play. I immediately imagined him playing as I recited a poem. Still, I was so in awe of his talent I didn't believe that he would come and do my show. So I didn't ask. At least I didn't ask until I saw it in a dream. Once I saw it I had to ask. What you desire desires you. That's how it works. I just needed to align to the energy that said I was ready. YOOOOO! Look. I'm likely biased but that Sax was on FIRE. You hear me. FIIIIIIIIIREEEEEE. Then to hear him improv with me. Unplanned. Just in the moment and organically. It was absolutely everything I could have hoped for. I am so honored to have shared the stage with such a talented soul and absolutely friend. Thank you.

Ricky Prestige Leverett Jr. I'm not sure I can say much more than I said in the previous post. Still I am honored to have my event guided so lovingly by your spirit. Thank you for seeing my vision and helping me cultivate such beautiful energy last night.

Nikwonn Robinson-Cooke chile you drove from TENNESSEE on the weekend of your wedding anniversary to come to my show. THAT'S LOVE. Thank you so much for ALL of the support you've shown me. No... not support. Love. It's on thing for someone to support and another for them to ENJOY. Thank you.

To those of you that attended AND those that purchased tickets just because you wanted to support me. LET ME JUST SPEAK ON THAT. To have someone say to you, I believe in you so much that even though I can't be there physically I'm buying a ticket so you know I'm with you. THAT... I mean.... the admin where my son goes to speech therapy bought a ticket just because he thought I had talent. He couldn't make it. Called me. Genuinely upset. Said here. I'm still buying a ticket. I'm not even sure grateful encapsulates the breadth of how I felt in that moment.

For those that came... thank you for all the kind words. Please send the pics and videos to me. I literally didn't take me phone out at all until I was done. I gots nothing but that hot selfie I took in that bad ass blue dress. All the phones I saw go up, yeah can you share that footage with a sista please. And if you feel called I'd love a review I can put on my website too. THANK YOU for being open to receive last night. I pray that you all enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed you.

Belinda Wilder-Cheatham is the catalyst that spawned me honoring my intuition. We just ended up talking about the venue. She invited me to come to an event she was having and then had me open it up. Let me tell you, lowkey shook. Still.. Thing was DONE. But sitting there I kept seeing myself on that stage. Something sultry about it. It called to me so strongly I felt Spirt move through me at her event. Still... OMG how can I pay for this? What if no one comes? I ended up chatting with her about it and the more we messaged the more excited I was becoming. So... I listened. I took a leap of faith. Thank you for showing up in my life the way that you have.

There's some folks I will thank off line. Oh... let me thank my hips, thighs, legs and knees for enjoying themselves with no side effects. ;) LOL. Chile..... the DJ understood. I wish I could tag him because what was so dope is he wasn't phased when I said, I wanna come out to Bruja, Black Majick Woman, and Work Ya Majick. I appreciated that. It was a party and man I love that so much.

Thanks so much. I'll see y'all in the Spring. ;) So stop harrassing me about when the next one is LOLOLOL

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