"Self Love is an Act of Worship. You are an Altar to the Divine." -- Iya Daniyah Fa Omi Sango

Welcome to the Garden

Welcome to Niyah's Divine Garden. Here you  will experience a one-of-a-kind home of practically spiritual illumination, support, and guidance. This garden is perfect for souls at a crossroads in life, looking to cultivate a harmonious union between their physical life and personal Divinity.

My Mission is To illuminate your inner garden, shining a light on your limitless and Divine potential. 

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"I am a Conscious Creator"


Divine Guidance

Encouraging and Empowering you
to take Inspired Action

My readings aren't meant to tell you something that is totally new information. My intention is to share with you what your Spiritual Court has been trying to convey to you, but you may not have understood the message or guidance.

I specialize in giving divine guidance that includes inspired action for you to take. I give homework. I'm just the guide, you are the healer in this story. 


What is Practically Spiritual Coaching?

Practically Spiritual Coaching reflects how I approaching coaching. The techniques employed are traditional (practical) and, depending on the client, are paired with spiritual healing modalities. Some coaching may be 100% practical. 

Some coaching may be 100% spiritual.

All coaching is 100%

for your highest good.

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Returning to the Eternal Garden

The news that a friend or loved one is expected to transition back to the Eternal Garden can be a tough one. You don't have to go at it alone. A Death Doula can help your loved one plan for a transition that is full of the dignity, love, and peace they deserve.

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