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Self Love

Starting with Self Love helps you create a foundation that your authenticity can stand strong on.


Learning how to honor your personal sovereignty helps you protect and honor your boundaries.


You are divine. You've always been divine. Learn how to tap into your divine self (intuition) proactively and not reactively.


My light is simply a reflection of your light. You simply can't see it fully. Together, you'll shine until you see it on your own.


Take back your connection to your ancestors in a way that feels nurturing and supportive to you, your legacy and your journey. It is your birthright.


Temple-Egbe Ori Egun Ofo Ase

Coming in 2024

Services that Support Your Spiritual Journey and Aligning to Your Destiny

Book one of our services below to help you receive guidance and support for your individual spiritual journey and bring you back into alignment with your favorite self.

From Self to Source With Ifa

Practically Spiritual Mentorship for Generation X in the Diaspora

mentorship journey with self paced course work, monthly individual support, group fellowship and ritual, private online group, and so much more. And no, you don't have to desire initiation to benefit from this program. Click the button below to learn more and enroll today.


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Upcoming Events

Grab your ear buds and take a listen to my podcast "Niyah's Divine Garden".

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