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What's an Awakening?

There are so many ways a Spiritual Awakening (or Awakening) can be described. So, I'll put it in my own words. I thought I knew who I was or who I wanted to be. It wasn't quite right though. There were things I couldn't see about myself, the world, and my connection to God. I had a very limited perception of all of these things and more.

Awakening kind of has a negative connotation in the mouths of some. It's more illuminating. Those parts of yourself aren't every fully asleep. They are constantly popping up, you just simply aren't aware of them because they aren't fully shining. 

An Awakening is a journey to Self Illumination. The Awakening aspect simply means you are consciously aware of it happening. The light is coming on and now you can see what was always there.

Spirit Guide Art done by my spiritual godsibling, Awo Shosh, of Otherwordly Archive LLC. It's a rendering of how they see me spiritually. Book yours with them here.

Pain Points of a Spiritual Awakening

Iya Daniyah, Spiritual Awakening Doula

I help people 0f the African American Diaspora through their spiritual awakening with support, mentorship, and community. I help them cultivate a practically spiritual practice that is grounded in Self Love so that they feel trust in their Divine Self and realize their limitless potential.

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Doula Offerings

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