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The Box Isn't Yours| Lessons from Esu - The Divine Messenger

Eku Ojo Ose Ola! Happy Ose Ola or Ose Ifa as is commonly known.

This morning, I was doing my veneration for Esu and I started hearing a message about Esu.

Esu is often referred to as "The Trickster". This box can limit the way people understand their relationship with this Divine Energy.

It is often said that your 3rd Eye is your cosmic crossroads. The 3rd allows you to have discernment around decision making process. This is where this immortal energy resides in us. He is the "Spirit of Discernment". Yo.... that just hit just now.

Esu teaches that you're always going to be the bad guy in someone's story. But.. That doesn't have to be your story, your truth. You may be perceived as someone's "Devil" or "Trickster" when in reality that person tricked their self. They simply want to blame it on someone.

Esu says, "I'll be your bad guy. You can have a limited expectation of me. But, I fit in no one's box. I know who I am. I was here before Creation began. I know your destiny too. I don't own the keys. I own the door ways and paths. You hold the keys. You choose the doors. I can only do what I can to keep back the Ajoogun. If you insist upon opening those doors, than I will let you. I don't choose the door, nor the path. That is on you."

In divination, Orunmilla gives us the wisdom of the Odu and Esu helps us take that information and show you how to practically apply it and thus open the right doors, creating transformation in your life.

Esu - The Divine Messenger, The Cosmic Teacher, Owner of Doors, Paths and Crossroads

Social media can sometimes taint who and what Esu is. It took me the longest time to open up to the relationship. I was nervous. Yet, I was in a space of not wanting a relationship with the Divine the way that I grew up with. So, eventually, I stopped being afraid.

I recently looked back at the very first Odu I ever received from my GodMother. In researching I see that it says I need Esu Odara. From the beginning, He has always been there.

In many traditions there is a Messenger/Teacher. Yet, the Divinity in the African practices (true to form in colonization) is the one that is demonized.

As not only an Awakening Doula for Black People in the African American Diaspora, I'm a Spiritual Abolishnist. In my community we are freeing ourselves from the Archetypal boxes that our Spiritual support has been placed in and opening up to their limitless expressions as well.

Today, on a day of veneration of Esu, I remove the box. Esu has many paths. There is one for every Divine energy in the tradition and there are limitless divinities. Clearly, a box would ever work.

Modupe O Esu for this.


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I tear up and get in my feelings when I think about Esu. He’s like a grandfather from eons ago with his wisdom and his child like sense of humor that very old men have. He scared me when I was a kid. As an adult I just adore him. Like nobody talk sideways about him in front of me because I’ll get mad 😂

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