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Should You Expect Support From Friends and Family?

I sometimes wrestle with this one. When I used to see small business owners and creators talk about the lack of support from friends and family I just thought it was a fluke. Limiting beliefs. The algorithm not giving what it needs to give.

I'm not 100% sure that's the case the majority of the time. I saw a content creator go on a rant about it being weird and creepy for folks to follow you but never engage with your content. Another creator stated that it made no sense. Why follow me if you don't like what I post?

When I think about things that I actively share there are several reasons I share it.

  • I was/am interested in what the post is saying

  • I find the post entertaining, educational, engaging, empowering.. you get the point.

  • The person posting it is trying to accomplish a goal and I would like them to be successful in achieving it.

Generally speaking those are the big 3. I rarely share things that would irk my nerves to see in my feed again, unless I had a retort of some kind attached to it. Even those are minimal because, if I don't agree why spread it even further? Why give it more traction? Seems like a waste of my energy.

I personally don't always share business posts for businesses I frequent because I'm spending money. I am sometimes not in a position to spend, so I show my support by spreading the word. So many business owners have said word of mouth was the key. If I can do that with a simply click or two, why not.

For businesses I don't know anything about, I may have a sense of this person's passion and desire to be successful. Why not help them out? I may not type a blurb or something since I've never engaged with their actual business. I will hit a share every now and then though.

If I chose to follow or friend you, and your content pops in my feed, more often than not I'll like it. If you share stuff I'm not in to but I know you personally, I'll unfollow you. No biggie, I just don't want to see what you talk about in my newsfeed. Simple. In some cases I unfriend because I may not really talk to you like that.

So then I pose the question to myself, if they don't engage, don't like, don't share, like EVER, what does that mean?

The question is even more perplexing if I actually know you like outside of social media. Like, do you have something against me, my content? Is it truly that you never see it? Even if you don't want to shop, you don't think a single person you know (or follows you would)?

Now I know I have some folks that have a social network/media account but they are super inconsistent in how they log in. This isn't really about them.

It's the ones you see regularly. You see their content. Engage with their content in some way. But that reciprocal energy isn't quite there.

I'm a bit more patient I suppose with my work because I know what I do. I know where I live. Some folks may still be ashamed they even received a service from me. They may be concerned what others will say or think. It's one thing if they got some Elekes or an Ide from me. That's something you can share and pretty much conceal the why behind why you purchased it.

A reading, energy work, an oil or candle... Yeah, I get it. I look at some of their regular content and know, ain't no way they are going to share they got a reading from me. LOL!

So, what do you do? What do you do in that regard? I spoke on friends, I got family that won't even share I got a business, let alone hype me up. And yeah that question comes, "As my family do you NOT want to see me be successful??"

It's really a tricky thing. I could create a whole new page and only have folks that support. Honestly, I've considered doing that. I just have so many accounts as is, it's already a challenge to maintain them all. I don't like feeling like I have split personalities. I have a business that is a part of my life. I like nerding out, that is a part of my life. I like food. I like stuff and things. All of these are me. If my profile is a Reflection of ME ... idk.

What's the inspired action then? Keep going. Keep posting. Keep reposting. Keep on doing it. Bit by bit your influence, reach, business will grow.

For the record, if you have a business and I haven't shared something in a while, you can ask me directly. You can tag me. I know some folks shame people for tagging folks but we all know that algorithm is wishy washy. I don't hate on anyone making sure the folks they feel like would share if they saw it... SEE IT.

Wishing all of us big business owners an overflow of abundance built on stability and logevity.

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