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Mars Retrograde in Gemini 2022

Mars is a pretty fast moving planet, so when it slows down, we feel it. Mars only goes retrograde every 26 months, the least frequent of the planets, so it's important to note what happens.

For the sake of anyone new to my blogs.... I like to include the why astrology note.

All energy is from Source, God, Goddess, the Most High. Everything created is of Source, including the planets. They move around. Why? Because God thinks it's cool? Astrology looks at the energy of the cosmos that moves through the planets and moves into our planet and thus us.

Mars is the warrior energy in us that asks us to stand up for what we believe in. Whether this is for ourselves as an individual or the collective (Mars - Martyr). It's the energy of passion, will, desire, sexuality, drive, force, etc.

Mars rules the signs of Aries and Scorpio traditionally. Aries is the sign of "I am" and Scorpio "I desire". Both of those signs (Sun, Moon, & Rising) will be directly impacted by this retrograde. The Houses (areas of life) they rule will be impacted as well.

This retrograde is happening in the sign of Gemini (I think). Geminis, Air Signs, and Mutable Signs (Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces) will be impacted.

Retrograde is nothing to fear. It's an opportunity for us to rethink, redo, reevaluate, reset, and reflect on the area(s) of life this retrograde is impacting. Mars is our energy so it's having us take a nice long look at those areas of our life.

I'll be doing a series on Tik Tok to tell you which House(s) to pay attention to during this retrograde (October 30 - January 12) based on your Rising sign. Follow me @NiyahShalom

You need your full birth details in order to find your Rising sign. (date, time, location) I recommend and to pull your birth chart on your own. I also offer a basic Birth chart reading for your Sun, Moon, Rising, and Midheaven as long as you have all the birth information.

Below is a breakdown of what area of life each House is looking at. Depending on your Rising Sign which House(s) will be relevant. Rising Sign determines the first house and the other signs go around in order from there ending at the 12th.

For example - Cancer Rising - Aries and Scorpio are Mars ruled. Thus the 5th and the 10th House are important areas to pay attention to during this Retrograde. Reevaluating things that impact public image and where your passions are taking you may be topics that come up during this time.

Hope that you are able to use this to support you in flowing with the energy as opposed to feeling completely overwhelmed. God/dess isn't doing this as punishment, it's meant to inspire us to make appropriate adjustments to help us be the favorite version of ourselves.

First House - Your Identity, Your Body, Your First Temperament, The Self

Second House - Your values (physical), What makes you feel secure, How you make money, Your voice

Third House - Neighbors, Siblings, Early Education, Communication, Short Distance Travel

Fourth House - Roots in your life, Your Home, Your Ancestry/Lineage, Where you feel secure, Mother or Nurturing Parent

Fifth House - Children, Inner Child, Creativity, Passion, Romance

Sixth House - Service, Health, Pets, Day to Day activities

Seventh House - Close Personal Relationships, Forgotten Self, Enemies (known), Marriage

Eighth House - Occult, Other People's Money, Debt, Taxes, Intimacy (of the 7th House relationships), Shadow

Ninth House - Higher Mind, Higher Learning, Philosophy, Religion, Long Distance Travel, Culture, Second Marriage

Tenth House - Public Image, Career Aspirations, Authority, Father or Authoritative Parent, Legacy

Eleventh House - Hopes & Dreams, Community (you choose), Friends (not represented in 7th), Older Siblings, relationship to the Collective

Twelfth House - Endings/Beginnings, Dreams, Subconscious, Spiritual Self, Addictions, Secrets, Secret Enemies, Emotions, Hospitals & other such institutions

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