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Imagine It| Practical Job Title Spiritual Work

So, I got this thought a few mornings back. If I was going to use spiritual/esoteric techniques in a practical work environment what would the role be and what techniques would I use.

Employee Success Consultant


  • Advise leaders on cultivate an environment of inclusion and success for the employees

  • Leverage tools to more accurately identify the core WIIFM of employees

  • Suggest the optimal work schedules for employees to get peak performance and engagement

  • Advise leaders on the learning and communication styles of their employees

  • Suggest seating arrangements that would cultivate positive energy and thus improved team collaboration

  • Evaluate if leaders and employees are actually energetically aligned to work well together

  • Develop resources to support stress and anxiety such as sound baths, energy healing, therapy, affirmations, coaching, and more

  • Partner with employee to build a plan for growth that will be aligned to their truest self

  • Determine if the environment itself needs any energy clearing to ensure it doesn't contribute to any "negative" energy

Why would a role like this be important? If you are not a sole proprietor, you have employees. Your team is who helps cultivate the success of your business.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers = Happy and Successful Business

You can recruit in a way that reduces churn. Recruiting employees that are more likely to enjoy the role for which they are applying and growing with the company overall.

What tools would I leverage?

  • Birth Chart - There is a multitude of information that can help not only determine if this employees is a good fit for your company, that type of work,etc. You can also learn their communication style, hidden talents, what they value and how they feel valued. What is their overall goal in life? How can your role help guide them to that goal.

  • Numerology Chart - Does this role play a part in guiding them to their life path and if so how? Who would they work well with? Who would they bump heads with?

  • Human Design - How are they energized? How can you encourage them to show up as their best self? Do you need to engage them in a specific way to get the best performance?

  • Moon Phases and Retrogrades - Are there specific times in the year, beyond holidays that should be time off, have extra break time, or half days off?

  • Electional Astrology - Can help you determine if now is a good time to hire, do any enhancements or changes in the business, etc.

  • Reiki - Reiki can be used to elevate the energy of not only people but objects and locations. This can help it generally feel good when your employees come to work.

Is there a precedent for this?

Of course there is. Everyone knows about kings of old that had their wise man/woman giving them advice on how to effectively rule. We've all heard of other leaders that consulted astrologers and diviners to ensure they were on the right tract.

How would you recruit for this role?

So you don't have to be certified. However, much like roles today, you can offer some bonuses, benefits, or reimbursements if the newly hired employee pursues a certification.

The ideal candidate should not only have a strong spiritual practice but also the practical skills such as excellent communication, leadership, etc.

For the person comfortable, possibly a mini chart reading of one of the interviewers to determine the candidates skill level.

Is this an in office role? Only in extreme circumstances. Generally all the work required can be done from a distance, including Reiki.

What does a role like this do in addition to the above? People who feel called to do spiritual work often leave their regular job because they don't have an outlet for their work within the confines of their day to day duties. I mean, an intuitive is always leaning into their intuition to an extent. However, if they have a passion for divination changes are good they aren't using it at work. At least not where it's something they are getting paid to do.

Practical and Spiritual are not separate. They go together. Everyone called for spiritual work is NOT necessarily called to be an entrepreneur. Creating an actual role that is not only a win for the company but allows for the exploration of those gifts in a practical way could open up some unique opportunities.

What couldn't they do? That technically depends on the person. I would say if something like this was the case, firm boundaries on what they will and won't do should be in place. Personal gain in a way that is not for the highest good of all would be completely unethical.

This was my little thought the other day. If I could create a role this is what it would look like. What do you think? If you do spiritual work now and left your job because you didn't feel like you fit, would you stay to do something like this? If you have a company would you create a role like this?

Yes - this is my Aquarius Sun in the 8th in all its glory.

Thanks for coming by!

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Mar 14, 2022

How dope is this idea! I sure wish we had a few of these for my company

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