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Illuminating Full Moon in Cancer| Reflections & Mini Reading

Happy Full Moon in Cancer! Or it will be in the next few hours. I contemplated doing a pick a card, but timing just wasn’t quite right. I’m hoping to bring them back in February. I do keep feeling the need to do a reading for the collective though and discuss the shift in the Lunar Nodes.

I’ll do a separate post about the Lunar Nodes. Let’s talk about Mama Moon. Literally Mama today with her sitting in the area of the cosmos known as Cancer.

If you haven’t read my Mercury Retrograde Blog I’ll do my quick Astrology 101 lingo here:

  • God is moving the planets around the universe in a very methodical pattern

  • The Galaxy, Cosmos is full of energy that is moving in, around, and through the planets

  • The Zodiac Signs act as a lens for that energy. Depending on which area of the cosmos it is as it relates to you personally, how you will see or think about that area. The planet then filters the energy giving it action. This is how you behave in that area based on the planet's energy.

  • The Areas of the cosmos are called Houses and simply reflect areas of life or the progression of life. This applies to people, communities, and businesses.

  • The Rising sign (the ruler of the 1st house) helps you see the lens for the remaining houses.

  • Ok so the Moon is now in Cancer.

  • The Moon represents how we express our emotions, what makes us feel safe and secure, our divine feminine expression, our intuition, what makes us feel nurtured and nourished, and our relationship with our mother (and women)

  • Cancer – ruled by the Moon so the Moon is at home. Cancer focuses on motherhood, it is the Divine Feminine archetype, is all about the home, family, and roots. Cancer is emotional and very intuitive.

With the Moon Full and at home in Cancer on the Moon’s Day

  • You may be SUPER emotional

  • Cleaning up the house may be a big deal for you today

  • You may want to enjoy good, nourishing food

  • Any unresolved mom issues, they may come up today

  • Full Moons are a good time to connect with ancestors – This moon specifically would be a strong connection to the women in your lineage

Full Moons are about the completion of a cycle. This specific lunar cycle began back in June 2021. Think about the intentions you set with the New Moon in Cancer. Look at how much you’ve grown. How much have you changed? Where have you listened to your inner wisdom and nurtured yourself more? How have you ensured that your cup is full and that you are more nourished than ever before?

Things that you can do to enjoy the beautiful energy of this full moon:

  • Make a gratitude list. You just completed a journey. What do you feel grateful for? (On the new moon start a jar and then you can read it on the full moon 😉 )

  • Make a list of what you want to release. You can tear it up or burn it. Bonus points if you can do it under the moon light.

  • Spiritual baths or washes are customary during the Full Moon. Releasing baths are great during this energy. You don’t need anything major. Water, salt, and intentions (prayers) over the water are enough. Simply bathe like normal to remove the day away. Then follow up with the Spiritual wash to cleans your energetic body of anything that doesn’t serve you. More elaborate baths can be done based on the intentions you’d like to set.

  • Some people do manifest with the full moon. I personally like doing it as the moon is becoming full. Waxing is the energy of creating and bringing in. The minute after the moon is full it is officially waning. Still very powerful energy to work with though. I just like that big build up of energy.

  • Moon bath. If the weather is nice where you are, a moon bath is stellar. Simply go outside and soak up the light reflecting from the moon

Mini Reading – (cards below)

Soul Journey à The Journey we just ended is around Success and redefining what that means to us. The next journey will be all about discipline. Are we willing to do what is needed in order to accomplish our goals? What goals did you set for 2022? Are you up to the task? The energy underneath is Courage. Some things will require us to face new challenges. There may be things within ourselves which we need to address in order to accomplish our goals. We must be brave and not lose hope.

Message from the Moon

  • What we need to release Full Moon in Aquarius -Show the world the real you- Stop hiding who you truly are. It’s a new year. New things, new experiences, new blessings want to come into your life but they want to be expressed through the real you. Drop the façade. Be who you truly are and live it with grace.

  • What is being illuminatedCardinal Moon – Be bold and make the first move – Act! Cancer is a cardinal water sign. It wants us to make the moves that our heart has been asking us to make. Cancers lead with their emotions. That doesn’t make them weak. In their light, that makes them exceptionally powerful. Your emotions are your inner guidance system telling you when you are in and out of alignment. Being able to read those signs with ease allows Cancers to step up answer the call of their soul. So are you willing to answer the call?

  • What’s Coming Next Full Moon in CancerA personal issue reaches resolution – What has been going on in your life? Something that is really tugging at your heart in a profound way. Whatever it is, it’s ending. If I had to speculate, Leo season will be important given the Full Moon in Aquarius happens in Leo Season. Aries Season may also be pivotal since it is also a Cardinal sign.

  • Advice – Child of Seas – InnocenceBe still. Allow the flow of the Universe to guide you. Whatever it is, it’s above your spiritual pay grade. It’s time to surrender. You also need to tap into your inner child and/or pay attention to the children in and around your life. There may be some insights that they will inadvertently trigger in you. Connect with your inner child in stillness. That is where the real you reside. Maiden of Earth – Beauty – Take a look around you. Just stop for a moment and look at the world around you. See the majesty of who you are. See yourself and just revel in it. Luxuriate in yourself. Luxuriate in nature. Ace of Seas- Ecsta-Sea – Be open. Quiet yourself. Behind the scenes there is something new brimming that will bring you emotional and/or spiritual growth. Blessing is on the way.

  • Numerology of the Day – Today is Universally a 5 day. 5 is the number of change. Big changes have taken place since the last new moon and this full moon will illuminate even more changes.

Want a more in depth reading for yourself? Book your La Luna reading today.

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