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Happy Kwanzaa! Ujamaa! Cooperative Economics!

Happy Kwanzaa 2022 Everyone!! If you would like to learn more about the holiday, symbolism, and traditions. I would encourage you to check out the Official Kwanzaa Website. It has a lot of great information on there.

Each day of the celebration is colored by a principle. My intention with this series is to consider each theme on a personal level and how I can align to it. How can I tap into that energy purposefully? So I asked a question based on the theme.

How can I support the work of others more intentionally? This really is almost a continuation of the energy of the previous day's principle. There's been such a big push for more black/African descended people to buy black. It's about allowing the black dollar to circulate within the black community.

I'll be honest, I don't buy black as much as I would like to. My skincare regimen is almost 100% black owned. I don't wear a lot of makeup. Lip gloss is what I use mostly. The ones I own are all local and black owned brands.

So, how can I support the work of others more intentionally? It's such a challenge but here's what I can do.

  • Do research on the things I purchase regularly that are big name and see what black owned alternatives there may be.

  • If I eat out, choose a black owned establishments instead of fast food. I'll probably enjoy the food more anyway.

  • Join groups online groups that are for black business owners.

  • Look for opportunities to share my friends' businesses when I see someone looking for a particular product and/or service that they offer.

  • Try something out. Try out something new. Just give it a try and see where it takes you.

  • Tap into the folks growing food and see how you can purchase or barter for their produce vs going to the chain stores.

There are so many black owned businesses out there. We can increase our spending power with each other. Looking forward to buying a home where the construction was done by a black construction company and I work with a black realtor at a black bank.

How are you working to keep more money within the black community? Comment below.

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