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Everyday Rituals with Magical Intention

What is a Ritual? According to the Dictionary...

  • Of or relating to rites or a ritual

  • done in accordance to social customs


Ok so, what are some things we do from a societal or custom standpoint? Wash our faces? Exercise? Get Dressed?

It's the repetition of it though that has ritualized it.

Well, we have so many of these things that we do on a daily basis. Can we enhance them in some way to further bless our being? Here are some ways I take the seemingly mundane and make it magical.

  • Reciting affirmations while washing or moisturizing my face. "I am beautiful. I am strong. I am loved. I am free. I don't need to be like them. I just need to be like me." I heard that on a reel.

  • When I bathe, wash, etc. Thank you water for not only cleansing me of physical dirt but also washing away any energy that does not serve me. Generally speaking, we already wash top down which is how you would cleanse your energy anyway.

  • Brushing teeth is one I think that could be used to open your throat chakra. Hold your toothpaste and toothbrush in your hand. Say a prayer that as you brush your teeth your speech is clear, your words hold light, you share your truth without fear, etc.

  • Dancing. Play music that your ancestors liked. Say out loud that you are playing this in their honor. Let the party begin! Side effects include emotional reaction and overwhelming feeling of love.

  • Exercising. Affirm over your body. Affirm that you are in love with the temple that enshrines your soul. Give your body gratitude for being so powerful that it holds all that Divine Essence.

  • Getting dressed. Say a prayer that you choose the outfit that is most like to raise your energetic vibration that day. Then wait. Just a moment or two. Then choose your outfit. Trust your intuition to guide you to the colors, patterns, etc.

  • Social Media Posts - Cloak protection prayers or sigils in them. :)

  • Cooking. Research the spiritual significance of herbs and spices you use. See what intentions you can incorporate in your cooking. Call them out loud as you cook.

  • At home pedicure. Spiritual bath for your feet. Your feet pick up a lot of energy as you move about the day. That's why lots of traditions encourage leaving your shoes at the door or even outside. Give your feet a good spiritual bath here and there. They'll thank you for it.

  • Another one for washing your face. I get all my skincare items from Juice's. She handmakes everything with all natural products. The soap I use has Turmeric and Patchouli in it. Consider what those herbs are good for and how I can activate them as I wash my face. ;)

Those are just a few. I'm sure there are more. What are some ways that you can add magical intention to your every day rituals? Comment below and share.

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