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Blessed & Bespoke| Aligning My Self Care to My Energy

Hi - In case you are new here, I'm Iya Daniyah, Ifa Priestess and Spiritual Awakening Doula. As part of what I do to support you on your practically spiritual, I create Blessed & Bespoke oils and baths. Today, I decided to share with you a glimpse at the process I used to create a Blessed & Bespoke Yoni Steam for my self.

Ok I know I have a few fellas that read my blog. Keep reading. If you date someone with a Yoni, a yoni spa day.... *Chef's Kiss* I don't have a yoni line of products. However, the person I will get my steam from if I don't make my own is mentioned below. She has an AMAZING line of products for yoni care. I've given you a gift. You're welcome. Give her yoni a spa day. Rub her feet while she steam. Have some tea that will compliment the steam. Show her it's not simply something you "hit". You care too. Thank me later.

Bespoke - Something that is individually created. It is made especially for that person. It's often used in reference to finely, tailored clothing.

Blessed & Bespoke - Not only individually made, but made to align to your specific energy. This is done either based on your birth chart, numerology chart, both, or Divination. My intention is to not only create something that you can use for your highest good, but that it also aligns to your highest vibration.

Yoni - Sanskrit word that means "Vajayjay" (Hey don't want this flagged), Source, Vessel, Home

Yoni Steam - It's a steam bath made of various herbs that have healing properties (This is not medical advice. Gotta add the disclaimers.)

Ok now that I've cleared all that up. Let's talk about what I did to create my Yoni Steam. I like to buy them from Juice's Skincare. Lately Spirit/God/The Universe/The Divine has been calling me to create for myself. So I did some research on the herbs associated with yoni steams and their properties.

At first that was enough. However, as I've been individualizing things I create for others, I wanted to do the same for myself. So, I pulled my birth chart.

Why my birth chart? I can see what energies are most directly aligned to: Divine Feminine, Seggsual Organs, Seggs, Motherhood, Etc. These planets and signs would basically be what's associated with my Yoni.

Once I determined planets and signs, I then did the cross reference portion. I looked to see what herbs were associated with which planets, signs, and elements. My non-herbalist folks just had their mind blown. Everything is One remember. Everything has an association to something else and they work well together energetically.

Places I looked to:

Moon Sign, Pluto and what House it sits in's Ruler, Scorpio, Venus, 8th House.... etc. Then I began to make a list and create my own recipe for MY yoni. Once I created it I prayed over it. Set my intentions for what I would like to experience as a result of doing this steam. (For the record I do this with the Juice's brand steam as well.) Then I let it sit on a specific altar for a time.

Let me tell you. I pulled that bowl off my altar and WOW! Those herbs had the juice. LOL. I thoroughly enjoyed my steam.

I sometimes meditate. Sometimes I do something mundane. I might listen to music. Depends on the mood and intention honestly.

And that's it. Let me know how you align to your own energy in your self care rituals. Fellas, still here? Now go do what I said.

I may not sell yoni steams, but you can order your Blessed & Bespoke oils and bath tea blends in my shop here.

Thanks for stopping by. Be sure you comment below.

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