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As Above So Below| Current May Astro Transits

How do you feel? Feeling good? Feeling off? Feeling like, "What the freak is happening???"

That's cool. You aren't alone. It's busy up there in the cosmos and the energy is being filtered right into our world. This is a quick little breakdown of what's happening and some thoughts on how to work with the energy.

Tip : If you want to know what area of your life is being impacted the most, you'll want to get your birth chart from Make sure you have your exact birth time and location, that's the only way to see which "House", aka area of life, is being directly impacted. Notice I said most and directly, that's because it's hitting multiple but this one will be the predominant energy.

I do this any time I do an astrology post to just give you a synopsis of why this is relevant.

Energy is everywhere, including in space.

God/Creator/Source created everything, including what is in space.

Everything created has the energy of the Creator, thus it's Divine Energy moving around out there, just like down here.

The Energy is moving through all the celestial bodies.

Those celestial bodies also have, you guessed it, Energy.

The energy moves through those bodies (planets, asteroids, stars, etc.) and comes on through planet Earth.

Earth is filtering that energy on to everything, including us.

Depending on what part of the sky the energy moves through, the energy it picks up and the area of life it influences the most.

Example... Full Moons can make people coocoo for coco puffs depending on how it hits them. However, that's a common phenomena that everyone can relate to.

Ok moving back to what's happening out in space.

Mercury Retrograde - May 10 - June 2, 2022 from Gemini - Taurus

Gemini is all about thoughts, ideas, communication, early education, internet, short distance travel, technology. It is a masculine, Air Sign.

Taurus is all about the sensual side of life and what we value in a physical sense. It is stability, dependability, structure, the 5 senses, the body, sensuality, abundance. It is a feminine, Earth Sign.

Mercury is the natural ruler of Gemini, so it's at home for a little bit. Making the planet behave in a well balanced way. Think of it as being super comfortable but it's back at its house after being on vacation for a bit. When it goes retrograde it is moving slower than normal and thus looks like it is going backwards from our vantage point.

So what does it mean to goo backwards in your life?

You are reassessing, redoing, rethinking, reevaluating, replaying, etc. You get the picture. It's a common trope that when Mercury is retrograde, old flames come back around. #HeyBigHead

Depending on how Mercury is placed what ideas and things you'll be re-something. The point is to see if they are going to released or be brought into tangible form with Mercury moving back into Taurus. Taurus is Mother Earth. So, think of it like you're being asked, "Will this idea make it out of my head and out into the physical world?"

Pluto retrograde - April 28th to October 2 in Capricorn

Capricorn is the sign of "I succeed" - It is all things related to authority, structure, tangible success, hard work, ambition, and drive, Capricorn is a feminine Earth Sign.

Pluto is all about power, control, death & rebirth, transformation, sexuality, the occult, and the shadow self. This is the last retrograde in Capricorn. Consider this like that check, did you learn what you were supposed to learn the last go round. You may experience recurring themes that took place around this time last year. What was happening in your life? What did you learn? Did you actually learn it? Have you allowed yourself to be transformed?

Jupiter Moved into Aries May 10 - October 28; December 20 - May 16, 2023

The planet of expansion, justice, good luck, optimism, philosophy, and higher learning; Jupiter is moving to the home of war, passion, drive, will, the Self, creativity, the leader, the martyr, the judge; Aries. During the transit we are being asked to really see if what we believe to be true, really is true. Are we being our authentic selves? Have we taken the appropriate inspired action in a specific area of our life? Things are likely going to feel shaken up in certain areas of your life during this transit.

Full Super Moon Eclipse in Scorpio - May 16th 00:22 EST

This is so POTENT energy. Totality begins at 11:29 PM EST. Maximum is at 12:12 AM EST (ok Angel Numbers). So the Moon is the Divine Feminine energy. She is expansive, boundless, supportive, intuitive, emotional, powerful, psychic, creative, and ethereal. She is reflective of our inner landscape and our physical bodies

Scorpio is deeply psychic, intuitive, intense, secretive, sexual, magnetic, powerful, and did I say...intense. Scorpio is a feminine water sign.

However, the moon does not like it in Scorpio. She can't express herself freely because Scorpio doesn't really want to let all of its feelings out. Thus this may be a time when those deeper and more repressed feelings will be illuminated.

With this being a super moon and an eclipse, this energy will be 10 times more potent than it normally is. The veil could be exceptionally thin, making dreams and other psychic connections more potent. Be sure to clean your space and your energy, ground yourself, and a little Psalms 23 wouldn't hurt. This is a great time to release anything that does not serve you. Eclipse energy can be chaotic so be mindful of rituals during this time.

Scorpio is all about personal power. What area of your life have you been giving yours away? What do you need to release that will catapult you toward your truth north?

As you can see we have a lot going on up yonder. Thus, why you may be feeling like a lot of things are happening at once down here. There's nothing to be worried about though. All is by design and for your highest good. Take a look at your birth chart and see where you are being asked to make adjustments so that you can be in alignment with your truest self.

For more in-depth discussion on a personal level feel free to book a retrograde reading or a moon (la luna) reading.

Be sure to comment below what's been going on in your life and how this energy is speaking to you.

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