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A Gentle Reminder that Every Journey is Valid

I want to be intentional as I write this. It is not my intention to judge people who judge, for they too are on a journey. My intention is to illuminate something I've noticed and maybe create a shift for those who are meant to.

I was scrolling and I saw a post admonishing people that post their beloved on social media. The assertion is that they needed validation from the collective over their relationship. Now, I won't say this is completely untrue for anyone, however, is it possibly untrue for more than you know, since you are not on their journey?

And let's say it is true. They are looking for validation. They are on a journey of acceptance and they may not have made it there just yet. Is that, in itself, something we should be judging, or should we be encouraging them to trust that they have made a create decision by not commenting?

Here's another thought I had. Love. At the end of the day, this post is criticizing how someone choose to express and showcase their love. When someone posts their partner, they are showing us they are in a state of joy, excitement, new love, old love. I'm honestly trying to consider a low vibration word for it. Even people who are in relationships that are struggling behind the scenes, when they post these images they aren't sharing the lower vibration of their relationship with us, they are showing us the highest state of their union. In that moment, when we see the image, what if all we are really meant to witness is LOVE?

If you believe that the Creator, the Source of All, The Divine Mother/Father, is LOVE and JOY and BLISS; when we witness couples, we are witnessing that expression in physical form. I'm wondering why that would not be a beautiful thing.

Our job, our purpose, our intention, in that moment; is not to try to peer behind the veil and see what shortcoming these two souls have the reason why they shared visual representation of their happiness. It is our role, our purpose, our intention to witness love. Witness it. What feelings come when you release judgment and simply witness love?

Another thing I have observed is who has something to say when this takes place. It's my people. Actually, I was going to say that it's not that I've never seen, but that's a lie. I have not once ever witnessed anyone white do this. It is only people of color and predominantly in the black community.

Well, why in the world would that be the case. This is why understanding the programming slavery has done to our people is so important. How insidious the work was because it is still growing, thriving, and spreading even today.

Could slaves get married? Generally speaking. Was being coupled, married, in love, encouraged during slavery? When they were in love they had to ask permission to be married. If they didn't have permission they had to hide the fact they were in love. They had to hide their partner. I need you to really think critically now. I need you to understand that cellular memory is a real thing. I need you to understand that ancestral trauma is a real thing. It's why when you break away from familial traditions it's a challenge, it's a struggle. You are trying to rewrite cellular programming. Which is possible. Understand though, that's what it is.

So, if you are descended from people who spent centuries hiding who they loved. Protecting their relationships from on lookers. Why in the WORLD would you feel comfortable, as one of these descendants, either showcasing your partner or witnessing others do the same?

When you see these admonishments, you also see people saying that folks can wish ill will on the couple. Meaning, something bad could happen. Well why would you believe that if it wasn't something you knew deep down in your spirit?

There is a virus in our DNA called slavery. The cure is change. The cure is acknowledging its presence and then working to root it out. You can't fix what you don't acknowledge. You have to acknowledge that deep down, there are wounds that you are manifesting, that aren't even yours. There are timelines, experiences, that you are reliving that your ancestors lived in some form or another.

I guarantee more wombholders than you know have experienced a sexual trauma, even if it wasn't physical. Go back. Go back to their lineage and see how old the great great great grandmothers were when they were having babies. See if it carried out through the line. Can you see where the cycle broke? I can speak from experience, that my grandmother broke that generational course. She was much older when she had my mom and uncle. My mother was almost 30. Good and grown when she had me. No more child mothers. My baby sister didn't have a child until after she was married. New dimensions of growth and healing.

I don't have all the answers. What I do know is that I've been witnessing the shift in the Black Community. It's what triggered the podcast series about Spiritual Awakenings in the Black Community specifically. It's why I keep feeling called to put together programs and workshops that remind us that we are aspects of Source. That we have always been co-creating with the Creator. Reminding black men and women of their greatness and ways to introduce themselves to their soul's voice.

If you don't feel called to partner with me on that journey it's ok. I hope that after reading this, you notice things. You pay attention to the logic behind why certain things are said. I hope that your discernment leads you to a deeper understanding of the power words have. I hope you wield that power wisely.

Thank you so much for reading my morning musing. I am cordially inviting you to my upcoming events.

Honoring Our Mothers - May 7th

Honoring Our Fathers - June 5th

Upcoming 2 hour Workshop " What is your Black magic" - What is your personal purpose and brand? - May 14th

You can purchase tickets to these events here .

Listen to stories from people going through a spiritual awakening here on my podcast.

See a couples' photo today and smile. Watch your vibration rise.

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