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World Odu Ifa 2023| Interpretation & Commentary

I'll be completely honest. Considering the World Ifa celebration and Odu is not something I got through my Ile (the one I initiated into). However, I find value in honoring this global celebration. I want to start with what this celebration is from my own understanding and then go into the Odu.

Eku Odun Ile Ife is a worldwide Isese celebration at Ile Ife. Ile Ife is the modern day spiritual home of Isese. Isese would be what most know as traditional Ifa. I liken it to being the Mother of the African Derived Orisha traditions in the Diaspora (i.e. Santeria/Lucumi, Shango Baptist, Candomble, and more). These children of Isese are born of the Mother and another tradition (or traditions) that were intermingled in order to safely practice and preserve Orisha for their descendants.

This global celebration brings many practitioners and priests of Ifa together in celebrating their culture. Beyond the music, dance, food, and connection; an Odu of the year for the World is cast. This Odu can give clarity, insight, and direction on a collective level.

It's important, as is with any collective divination, to internalize what your Ori deems is aligned to you. Even in individual divination, all aspects may not be directly applicable to you.

Though I was not there in person, I'm grateful that a Babalawo (Father of Mystery/Male Priest) sent me a message to share with me the Odu and the highlights. As suspected, when looking I found some additional commentary. If I find any more, I may add to this but I feel like what I have is right on. The Odu Ifa for the World 2023 is Irosun Osa

From the Babalawo that messaged me

  • Take it easy and do not try to get everything at once

  • Have a good attitude toward others even if it is not appreciated

  • Give ebo/offering to Ori for blessings and success it brings this year

  • Ebo to Shango for he is helping us have victory over our enemies

What I found from another source

  • Onisese (Isese practitioners) have been doing good works for people in other traditions. We are encouraged to do more for people within the tradition. Other religions want to get rid of Isese. There is a need to be unified.

  • Don't NOT be kind or courteous to others not practicing Isese, simply pour more into your people.

  • Do not be judgement toward people of other beliefs. Avoid conflict. This could blow back on you and the blessings you gave will be used against you.

  • Ebo/offering to Egbe (Spiritual Family) for unison

  • If initiation as come up and is aligned to your destiny, considering making that a priority as it will bring harmony into your life

  • If experiencing confusion, divination can bring clarity

  • Call on the ancestors

From the Holy Odu

  • Using Our Ancestral Gifts brings abundance through changes

  • What we do today effects tomorrow, something from the past may pay off or come back at you.

  • Negative energy around

  • Ibori (Head Cleansing) and personal work on developing good character

  • This to, has a story about Shango and defeating enemies

My Personal Commentary and Channeled impressions

  • I find the mention of Ori and needing cleansing significant. Your Ori is your consciousness. It is also literally your Head. It is the aspect of your being that remembers its Oneness with Source. It is also what aligns you to your destiny.

  • Ori cleanses have come up A LOT (at least for my clients currently) in divination. I just did 5 of them in the last week and a half. I felt so strongly about them I made a post that, even if you don't want to do it in an Ifa centered way, cleansing your head spiritually is good spiritual hygiene. If you sit in a spiritual bath and don't actually wash your face, head, hair; your missing a key part of your body.

  • Your Head is associated with the Sahasrara or Crown Chakra. This is our connection to the Divine. Think of it like an antenna. You should clean it so that you are getting the most accurate signal.

  • Irosun is associated with the principle of fulling your destiny by utilizing your innate gifts and talents born from your ancestors. Again honoring, elevating, and calling on our Ancestors for wisdom and support has been a consistent message for clients I've been seeing and just in general.

  • Osa is a radical change happening externally. This is something happening outside of your control.

  • Putting the two together, it is our Ancestors that are going to help us get through these changes. This can be happening through purely them advocating for us spiritually with the Most High, sending us downloads with wisdom and guidance, or divine inspiration. In a physical sense it is our ability to tap in to the things that come to us most natural and using them to support us through these changes.

  • Irosun is often associated with Shango. Shango is said to have been a King that, upon his transition, was elevated to the level of Orisha. For me personally, there often is a familial energy about him.

  • With Osa being associated with Oya and that being one of his wives, there is a feeling of needing to balance our Feminine and Masculine energy through life's storms. Understanding when to sit still and when to act.

    • Story Time - So I had something going on. Those that know me personally know that one area I have been working on healing is my relationship with asking and allowing myself to receive help. Yesterday morning I was having an internal dialogue around the limiting beliefs I had when it came to asking for help. I hears myself sending an email to ask for assistance. I felt the frustration of my inner child not wanting to be a burden. I felt the feeling of failure. I felt the fear of judgment. What's interesting is I attempted to do something other than send that email and was IMMEDIATELY zapped of energy. I had to literally go to sleep. Once I woke up I asked about the sudden feeling of being tired and basically was reminded that if it is not aligned I will not get the energy to do that task. Instead I sat up and sent the email. Then I cried once I hit send. Outcome was that a conversation had already taken place regarding my request and they were waiting for me. This is very much like our entire spiritual court honestly. The conversation has already taken place that they WILL support you, they are simply waiting for you to ASK. The download, the nudge, that was me in my feminine. I was open to receive the guidance and inspiration. I then took an action (masculine energy) and then waited (back in my feminine) being open to receive.

  • The portion about being mindful of who we are taking care of is interesting. I can honestly see that as being beyond Isese honestly. When you think about a group of people doing SO much for SO many, changing cultures and whatnot, only to have them treat them horribly... well... yeah. So this is how I will say this. You can be kind, but it is truly time for us to take care of each other. That line about them wanting to get rid of us, I didn't take that as Isese at all. If I look at this from the lens of where I live; books being banned, attempting to erase history, etc... That getting rid of us takes on a different tone and feel. Something to think about.

  • Negative energy - This is both internal and external. We often are the ones hexing ourselves. Calling our own selves into positions of lack. Still, being mindful of who is around us is still very important. Sometimes people don't even realize the impact that they have on our energy. You have to pay attention. If you feel exhausted after the interaction, every time, make note. You may simply need to offer some feedback that encourages them to do some energy work. Sometimes we need to communicate before we cut off.

  • Still protection feels very much necessary. Not just for yourself, your home, your family, children, community. I personally feel like protection work for specific groups needs to happen.

  • The part about ebo to Shango was interesting because prior to the festival I felt called to write a ritual for him as an offering.

All in all this Odu really does feel like good fortune if we take the advice.

  • Honor your Ori daily and cleansing it (spiritually) regularly - If you would like an Ifa based Ori cleanse we can schedule one.

  • Honor your egbe, your soul family.

  • Honor your ancestors. They want to support you.

  • Protect and uplift your tribe/community

  • Protect your energy

  • Your ancestral gifts hold the key to your success in these changes

  • Ebb and flow between your feminine and masculine

  • Gratitude to Shango for helping us have victory over our enemies

How does this resonate with you? Comment below.

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