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What in the Cosmos Was Happening| Transits of Old

It's about 3am. I woke up to jot down a dream but my youngest was really warm and that got most of my attention. Then I was lying here next to him looking at old memories on the Facebook when I saw 3 posts of me ranting. Like, "I'm so sorry that I..." back to back.

"What in the world was I going through?"

That was my thought which spawned, "I wonder what the planets were doing."

The planets themselves aren't making things happen. The energy of the cosmos is simply moving it's way through the planets and stars to Earth. Then we respond to that energy, whether resisting the current or moving through it.

What was the energy at the time?

Jupiter in Cancer in my 1st House

One this was really good energy for me because Jupiter is exalted in Cancer. For my non astrology folks. Jupiter can come to Cancer's house and get home cooked meals, back rubs, feet rubs, you name it. Jupiter isn't just well liked, It's like a second home.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, growth, higher wisdoms, and long distances

Cancer is the sign of "I feel". Super nurturing, intuitive, emotional, The Divine Feminine. It's ruled by the Moon.

My 1st House is the House of "I am". It's the identity I most show to the world. First impressions. The self. Etc.

So the planet that brings blessings, expands awareness, and makes everything big, is hanging out in the spot of my personal chart that reflects who I am. I was going through interview processes at the time, on my way to my 2nd promotion in 2 years. I was feel a way about myself though. Like I was trying to figure out my identity specifically at work. My moon sits in my 10th house, which is the place of public recognition and career. I had a manager that didn't much like me and it was obvious even to my other listening to her speak to me over the phone.

Me feeling attacked (My moon is in Aries "god of War") relating to my physical seems like a very appropriate expression of that energy.

Then I noticed that Venus was in Aquarius in my 8th house at the time.

Venus - Love, Lavishness, 5 senses, Opulence, Abundance, Balance, Justice, Ease

Aquarius - The sign of "I know", the rebellious humanitarian who is on a journey to be comfortable leading the back and standing out.

8th House - How we are bound to others, other people's money, debts, occult, sexuality

Well, back to my Facebook memories for starters. Sapiosexual conversation. My attraction for the mind (Venus was actually hitting my natal Mercury which is "the mind"). However, Venus tends to also bring blessings much like Jupiter does. She wasn't in the strongest place though. My promotion was challenged in a way. Those that know, know. I had to fight for it. Also, technically my company handles other people's money in a way. Getting a promotion would also be me receiving an increase in finances.

What else did I notice? A lot, but Uranus is probably the most interesting one because it's the longest transit. Uranus stays in one sign for 7 - 9 years. Uranus was sitting in my 10th House (career, public reputation, dad (or authoritative parent), authority figures in general, legacy), in the sign of Aries ("I am", Passion, Drive, Force, Will, Conflict, Leadership)

What was going on?

Uranus is the planet of Shock and Awe. When I went looking for the dates of the transit, there were quite a few explosions and skirmishes in the article. Uranus is Radical Change for the Greater Good. It's not change simply for change sake. It's always bring about the changes that will shift the collective in some way.

This journey in Aries began March 11, 2011 - sometime in 2018. Let's take a look at work.

  • March 2011 I was still in Magenta land but things were not great for me. All manner of upheaval was happening in my life at that time.

  • April 2011 - I ended up moving into an apartment I couldn't actually afford. This may not seem relevant but the 10th house actually opposes the 4th house which is literally your home. It's where you feel safe. It's your private life. So there were so direct and indirect hits to that area of my chart.

  • Late May 2012 - My friend, who was also a former supervisor (authority figure) suggested I apply for a job at where I am currently. I should note that most people say it took them months to get on with this company. I applied. Did the assessment. 2 days later I got the call for a phone screen. Same week I had my in person interview. Following week I had my final interview with the VP. The end of that week on the DAY I left magenta land, I got the call from the parking lot walking to my car. A job offer to begin 2 weeks later. I never had a break in pay or insurance coverage.

  • Tail end of May 2012 I actually went back to a former job. I knew what to do there. I actually hired myself back in the system the day I walked in the door. LOL. Shortly after my boss was offered a store (authority figure change). They also Offered me a store. I almost said yes.

  • June 2012 - New Journey began at my current job.

  • March 2013 - I was off the phones and never got back on them

  • April 2013 - Promotion number 1

  • April 2014 - Promotion number 2 ( I eventually leave my 2nd job after they fired my manager)

  • Somewhere in 2015 - Promotion number 3

  • There is a bit of a gap because I met someone in May 2014 and the unthinkable happened, I got pregnant (This was actually triggered by a previous Uranus transit) I was pregnant twice back to back. I did try for a role while pregnant my second time but there was a change in leadership. The VP that initially told me to apply was no longer in the position to promote me to the role. Blessings in disguise.

  • Back at work in February 2016. April ish - Promotion number 4

  • September 2016 - I launch a local chapter of the Women's Employee Resource Group at my job. To my knowledge I am one of the only individual contributors to launch and lead a chapter of its size. (Reminder my moon (feminine energy) sits in my place of career and public recognition)

  • November 2016 - Pregnant again and will learn shortly after that my son is regressing and developed Autism

  • 2017 is quite considering I'm pregnant at least half the year and then maternity leave. However, there is a change in my priorities. I have to slow down some. I went into the hospital a couple of times due to high blood pressure. There's a focus on home in a way that wasn't as prevalent before

  • 2016 - I also graduated from a Leadership Program at work.

  • 2018 - I'm pretty much back into the swing of things. Uranus is moving on out of my 10th house. Here's some really cool things to notice.

    • I have to step down from my Presidency of the group I founded. I was cool because in my mind I expected it to be like another group where the founders were still very much active on the board and considered wise counsel. It was not.

    • I applied for a manger role again, didn't get it.

    • I took on a project team that could have turned into its own standalone team. It did not.

    • 2019 - I applied for a role that wanted me to come away from home but that was a huge No.

    • I even applied for another resource group role and was not selected because they thought I led multiple other groups. I was not in any leadership position at the time. (Public image)

    • 2019 - I begin helping out the Black Employee Resource Group and offer to put on Black History Month events (Uranus had left my Career house and moved to my Community House which is where it is today) this did lead to me becoming Event Coordinator

    • 2020 - I did apply for a manager role again. Another no. Another blessing in disguise.

That Uranus transit was really cool to look at since it covered a long span of time that was fairly recent enough for me to remember what was going on in my life. You can literally see how it moving into a space and then sequence of events starts, then moving out begins a new sequence.

I hope this look helped to illustrate how the energies were playing out. 2019, I was trying to fight the current. Thus you can see how I kept apply for those leadership roles and nothing was working out. However, when in flow the years prior, they all just happened and rather quickly.

I should say Uranus also rules technology. At the same time I was getting promotion number 2, my job was having a tech enhancement.

Thanks again for reading.

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