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To be Divinely Human| A gentle Reminder

I use the hashtag #divinelyhuman and I'm sure that for some this may be confusion. How can one be divine and human? I have all these "flaws". Sometimes I do "bad" things. I ate that thing I shouldn't have. I sometimes laugh when I see someone trip. How in the world can I be divine?

Lately, I've enjoyed looking up the definition of words in the dictionary. Realizing the truth, sometimes, is right there. We simply focus on one facet of how human ego defines the word, instead of realizing there is a truth hidden there.

In Merriam=Webster's dictionary there are 4 definitions for the word divine as a noun. I'm not going to write a dictionary entry here. I will highlight the first one though.

"Of, relating to, or preceding directly from God"

So let's really sit with that. If it comes from, is a part of, or related to God, it is Divine. Well, where do we come from? Where does the whole of existence come from? I mean beyond our parents and our minds co-creating things, where does it all come from?

That's right.

Let's go with science. Everything is energy. Energy is not created. Nor is energy destroyed. It's simply changing for. Vibrating faster or slower. Varying its density. However all energy is All. With that in mind there is one origin of all energy then. That energy then changed form into various forms into various forms into... You get the picture.

Origin energy = God, Source, The Creator, Goddess, Most High, Universe... whatever resonates with you. You, me, us, them; are aspects of that origin energy. We are individualized aspects of the Divine.

Before I go further I want you to sit with that. Breathe it into your heart. Take 3 deep breaths. If you can place your hand on your heart, do that. Feel how your heart feels as you take it in. Feel and discern, in your heart not your head, is there truth in this for you. Proactive apologies for an emotional responses.

Even in the Bible's creation story, "God created man and woman, he and SHE (for anyone thinking that wombholders are less), in OUR IMAGE" This writing isn't about the feminine and masculine energy of Source today. I am simply illustrating that if something is made in the likeness of something else, it is of that original energy. It is like that energy. Which again means that we are all, you guessed it, Divine.

In my inner spirit, my feeling is that most of our journey on Earth is to come to that realization. It is to realize there is God/dess within each of us . It's to allow us the ability to realize and see our selves as we truly are. It's to inspire us to see others as they truly are. It's to encourage us to go beyond what our ego thinks and ask the Divine within us what we truly feel. It's to empower us with the knowledge that we are co-creating our life with The Creator. Really, doesn't that sound cool.

Seriously break that part down. I can co-create with God in me, as me, and around me. I simply have to shatter expectations and realize my limitless potential.

Today, I hope you take an inspired action after reading this. I got this affirmation in a class I took taught by Iyanla Vanzant. It and my own personal mantra really support me in my own journey.

All that God is, I am. I am all that God is. Because of this truth, Self Love is an Act of Worship. I am an altar to the Divine.

I encourage you to recite that, out loud, several times a day. If you have mala beads use those. 4 minutes and 30 seconds, 3 times a day, if you don't have beads. Bonus points if you look yourself in the mirror while doing it. Do this daily. Let yourself be enriched and lightened. Let yourself cry when you feel the need to. That's your heart washing away the density that has blocked this from you.

Let me know below, send me a message, share how you feel and how you will move knowing that you are Divine.

I'm hosting an event "Developing Your Divine Super Power" in July to help you tap into the one God-given gift we all have, our intuition. Most people follow it, but rarely connect with it on purpose. This session we will do just that. I'll share some tips on how to trust it. If you want some support in the trust part, you can book the mini- coaching program. It's short, affordable, and a game changer in your life. I look forward to seeing you.

Thanks for reading.

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