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The End of a Journey| Farewell to Corporate Me

June 18th , 2012…. Actually, let’s go backward… the interview. I remember so many people, including the person that told me to apply for my job, saying I takes FOREVER to get on. When people would ask me how long it takes, I usually had the same response, “I’m a bad example. My story doesn’t fit the narrative.” I had a phone interview on a Monday. I had a face to face that same week on Friday. I remember being asked about my goals and I said leadership. The leader that would be my manager one day told me it would take me 18 months to learn my role. I just smile like, “Ummm ok.” The following week I interviewed with the VP.

A week after my final interview I was walking out of my, then current, job for the last time. My phone rang as I crossed the parking lot wondering what was next for me. When I answered the phone the recruiter called to ask me if I could start in two weeks. I was so surprised. I never had a gap in pay. Never had a gap in insurance. I just ended on journey and moved on to the next.

I receive a couple pieces of advice that really did shape my sojourn. Test everything. Rebuild each scenario. Test and Practice. I did that. Another was, “If I see something broken or needs fixing, fix it. Apologize later.” Almost every process I wrote, idea I came up with, change I invoked; all stemmed from me seeing a need.

I took time to sit with the closing of this chapter. There once was a square peg. She had finally found a square hole where she fit. It was seemingly too big for her. She continued to grow, and her edges began to smooth out. She was no longer square. The more she accomplished the smoother she became. She was soon a round peg in a square hole. It wasn’t the most comfortable fit. She desired to grow but couldn’t figure out how.

Still… there was still much to do. Still more souls to touch. Still more growth to trigger and nurture in others. So she did. She continued to see needs that wanted to be fulfilled and ensured they were addressed. From process to group leadership, she continued to thrive in her square hole.

She would feel the love from the various spaces and faces she would connect with along her journey. She would lead an organization of over 400 people and inspire them to follow her on a journey of winning. She would inspire conversation with event cultivation. She would reduce cumbersome practices that were time consuming for those that lactate. She would partner with groups and organizations, bring about holiday celebrations.

Still… there was much to do. Morning affirmations turned into a regular ritual. Channeled wisdom shared with those in need of confirming. Learning that some of their spirits were yearning for more. So before she would walk out the door she would touch their hearts. She would lift their spirits and touch their souls.

Still… there was much to do. She needed them to see her, all of her, without fear. So, she stood up for what was right, challenging narratives long standing. She encouraged dialogues to happen that may have never taken place. She called out for clearing messaging when things were lost in translation. She gathered the caregivers of those with divergent behaviors, giving them space to just vent and be.

Still… more of her needed to be seen. So, a gift she had not yet shared was now seen. She was witnessed. And in that showing she laid bare her truth. From poetry shared that gave her gifts and acclaim, to revelations of bouts of depression that she faced with grace and dignity. Her truth and vulnerability were finally revealed.

Finally, she was done. Her work has been completed. So much to be grateful for. So much growth and transformation given to her along this journey. So many connections and friends that contributed to her elevation. People she cared for and helped nurture in their growth will remain close to her heart.

However, the corporate version of you has been laid to rest. These are her flowers. White and red roses tossed in the air to celebrate the purity of the power that she showed during her time there. Tears that were shed on her behalf, poured love into her heart that she truly did not expect.

She is.. complete. At least as far as this journey is concerned.

Honor her by celebrating with her. She is appreciative of the part this journey has played in her destiny.

Doors open June 18, 2012. Doors close October 12, 2022. All is well. A new dawn, a new day, a new life…. And I’m feeling… good.

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