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Stormy 5am Thoughts

Alaafia! (Good Health to you) Ekaaro ✨️ (Good Morning)When you wake up one Osé Irenle (day after tomorrow)and find Baba Shango and Oya turning up to the max (Thunder, Lightning, Rain and Wind), this is how you feel. It was on top of my house, as of to say good morning. I walked outside with my thunder stones and spoke back.

Eku Ojo Ose Irenle 🌋⛈️🌩🌪 Happy Veneration Day after tomorrow, the day of the stone throwers. It's a good day for gratitude that you made it through your personal storms.

It's a good day to be grateful for the time you were in the eye of the storm vs the chaotic outer winds.

It's a good day to recognize when you mastered the storm.

It's a good day to feel your inner fire and know you won't be burned by it.

It's a good day to dance in harmony with your counterpart.

It's a good day to acknowledge the ancient wisdom of your Ancestors.

It's a good day to feel your own divinity.

Modupe O 💫 for the reminders of the Divine essence found in the storms, volcanos, and caves.

Today we pay homage to the consciousness of Olodumare (The Creator of Owner of the Womb of Creation) that is known as....Shango, Oya, Jakuta and Aganju orThunder and lightning Storms and WindRocks and Stones Volcanos and caves.

Being able to see God/dess at work in all aspects of nature honors the wisdom of our Ancestors. Have a beautiful day.

Ire! (Good Fortune

Iyanifa Owinni Adina Durosinmi

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