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Sometimes I Should Get Angry

It's a running rumor that I don't ever actually get angry. Even got a few folks that said they'd like to see me just go off once.

Lol. Nobody wants that. Tonight, my realization is that not only do I get angry, there is one place it will show up if I'm not mindful. It's the one place I should be most mindful.

Though I've done a good job in NOT getting angry, I'm not perfect.

Having a spiritual practice rooted in Self Love gives you space to catch yourself. See it's never just that I'm angry. My feelings are hurt.

I felt it though. The way I popped off, that should've went someplace else. Instead I'm in my bedroom 38 HOT. Still. I took it to my room.

I know that there are times when righteous anger is needed. Some folks need to go on and "find out."

I don't like the after effect I feel. Like, I don't want to be angry. I don't want my feelings hurt.

I also don't want folks to feel like they can play in my face.

I ended up in the hospital twice 6 years ago thanks to high blood pressure. It was high because I didn't get angry. Or rather I didn't express my hurt in the moment.

So, my inspired action is to learn when allowing the anger to show is the right choice. It is sometimes. And it can be done with coolness.

It's also to direct it to the appropriate recipient if that is in alignment.

Giving myself grace as I learn the right way to emote when the feeling is anger.

And before I get someone saying anger is low vibrational and you shouldn't feel it. The Most High created a spectrum of emotions and anger is included. Rather than looking for a way to be better than someone else, why not make sure that you're in alignment?

Just some thoughts.

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Unknown member
Dec 10, 2023

There are no wrong feelings.


Iya Jokojé Olá
Iya Jokojé Olá
Dec 09, 2023

Love you to pieces! Feel all the feels💜

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