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Reflecting on Manifestation

Scripting, Mantras, Affirmations, Prayers, Petitions, 369, etc. So many different methods to ask G-d, the Divine, Universe, Source, Spirit, whatever nomenclature you resonate with; to bring forward that which you already have in spirit to the physical world.

Let's start with that thought. Energy can not be created nor destroyed. All things in existence, whether tangible or not, are energy. Tangible is simply slower, denser energy. Thus thoughts, emotions, ideas are all energy. That means the things you are imagining are energy. They already exist. Simply not in the tangible. They are still in the higher, faster moving energy of spirit. Cool.

So... then we get to all of the many many many ways to manifest. Manifestation is not a "new age" (omg I detest that term so much) concept. Manifesting = Praying = Asking for that which you do not have. This has been going on for a millennia at least. We need it to rain on our crops. Please ... which ever aspect of God controls rain, bring rain down on our crops. Here's an offering in exchange for you bringing the rain.

Here's another example. Please do not slaughter our first born children Lord. As an offering to the Angel of Death we give Lambs blood on our door posts to protect the dwellers within.

All of these and the like are ways to bring that which you desire into the physical world. The means and mechanisms used vary from culture, faiths, and the like. However, it has always been in existence.

I was listening to 2 different videos on manifestation. One spoke on seeing yourself at the end goal. See it and believe it. Don't think about how just know that it's going to happen. Then you have the other that said ok cool you can hope for the end goal but you need to also visualize the steps to get there. Now as I listened there was this hint of shade being throne that the latter process does not include action. That's not 100% true.

Now, is it possible to manifest certain things, money for instance, and not have taken any action. Speaking from experience yes. I know that the days I was consistently doing my money mantra and putting on money oil I received unexpected checks in the mail. As recently as yesterday I received money that I was not expecting from someone. I had not asked or anything. I had stopped expecting it. I did my mantra, shook my money jar and went about my day. That evening I received a text that money was in my account. So yes, miracles can happen.

However, there are some manifestations that do require some sort of action on our part. It doesn't mean we have to pull our hair out and it be hard. That's the trick. It just means that something needs to happen. What happens can feel quite easy if it's in alignment with you and your highest good. It doesn't mean it isn't what some would call "work". It just means that you've aligned with Source in such a way that the "work" doesn't feel like work. That you have time for resting, fun, self care, and life in general while doing the "work".

It's what the work is that comes to you through the latter. For instance, let's say you want to be a best selling author. You have a plethora of ideas in your head and you're not sure where to begin. As you manifest that reality, the Divine will guide you to the one that is your first best selling work. You will receive that Divine inspiration so that you can being writing, aka doing the "work" to bring that to fruition. You may even get some blessings like a post for an editor that loves your work so much they help you out at a crazy rate that is simply unbelievable. You may even be able to manifest it coming for free. Who knows.

See manifestation is practical and spiritual. It's mostly spiritual that kicks things off and then works to bring you into vibrational alignment so that the things needed to achieve the goal can be done in the physical.

What do you want to manifest though? How do you know what you want? I love the idea of "dreaming with the lid" off as she called it. Both videos spoke on that concept. When you think about it, going back to the energy, we are limitless in what we can accomplish if we put our mind to it. And that's the thing. Our Mind. There's a Hermetic principle that "The All is Mind, The Universe is Mental." This principle indicates that everything that we know exists stems from the mind of the All. All would be Source, God, The Most High, you get the picture.

Now, we go into the creation of us..."God created man and woman, he and she, in Our image". Meaning the aspects of the Creator dwell within Creation. Meaning the power of our Mind is All. As we think so shall we live. Whether we know it or not, we are constantly manifesting the reality in which we live. Every experience is stemming from our vibration.

How do we manifest consciously? Well, my personal opinion is there is no one way to manifest. It's what makes YOU successful. There are so many ways to do so many things in the world. There is no one right or wrong, only that which is in alignment with you. Everyone isn't meant to do everything the exact same way. Your personal power, or your Ase (pronounced Ah-shay), is unique to you. How you do things won't be just like someone else, even if you are both doing the exact same thing on the surface. Manifestation is the same.

How do you know what works for you? Well there are a couple ways.

  1. Learning who you are. Understanding your soul contract. You can do this by learning your birth chart, numerology chart, etc. All of these give you a glimpse into what Personal power you brought into this life with you to work with. Seeing where your strengths are can give you a launch point. For instance, I am an Air sun sign with Mercury in the house of the occult. I have Hecate (known as the Queen of the Witches) in an Air Sign in my 12 House (another spiritual location). I also have a strong Mercury energy in my 3rd House. So it would be logical for me to start with things that require me speaking or writing out what it is I desire. Making sure my thoughts are in alignment (I have a life path 11). Verbally is powerful for me because I have a strong 2nd house which rules your voice.

  2. Try some stuff and see what works. You can study the various methods of manifestation and test them out. Test it out on something not huge and see how it turns out. If it works, awesome. You can stick with that one or add more tools to your tool belt.

  3. You can do the above but I would say once you determine if it works on something small see how it works on something bigger. Does it still hold true or did you need to add another technique into the mix.

At the end of the day, just like everything, this journey is yours. Don't let anyone tell you what is right for you. If you allow yourself to be open to your own divine language, it will come to you.

If you are truly stuck, just like everything spiritually, self awareness is the foundation. Learning who you are. It's like a long courtship. If you take it seriously, every day you will learn something knew about yourself. I definitely encourage journaling what you learn and incorporating it into your life and practice (both mundane and spiritual).

Well that's my little thought on manifestation. What do you think? Do you have some other methods that you tried or heard of that I didn't mention here? Let's share the knowledge.

Happy Holidays! Be blessed!

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