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My Solar Return| Reflections Around the Sun

Normally I do this long post on Facebook but I decided to do it as a blog instead.

Today is my Birthday. It officially is my solar return. Actually this year is quite interesting in that it was almost an EXACT Solar Return. What do I mean? Today the Solar Return occurred about 1 hour before my actual birth time. I'm also, generally speaking, living in the same place I was born. Even the lunar energy present was aspecting my birth moon. It was an interesting energy for sure.

For the last few months, I have been going through some mindset shifts that have really been working to help me heal things that are holding me back. February brings about many exciting changes.

Funny, I have so much to consider and yet I feel at a loss for words. I look back and I am reminded of the things I did not see happening and how they played out.

For the last few years I have been writing myself a letter to read on my Solar Return. It's basically a letter to my future self. I wonder what wisdom, encouragement, blessings, and tidings I will share with 2025 me.

Leading up to my birthday I started deleting folks on my Facebook friend list. Cleaning up people who are simply here because I know their face. Cleaning up people who really aren't truly interested in what I got going on. Folks can always follow me, but the Friends list is now relegated to actual friends, blood relatives, and high school classmates.

I wonder who or what I'm making room for.

I didn't plan actually anything for my birthday. I used to text folks and say, "Hey wanna spend my birthday with me?" This year I decided to allow folks to actually want to spend my birthday with me.


I started 2023 with a mentorship program. I ended with that program becoming the birth of my own Ile (Spiritual family) and spreading to the collective as a Temple (Shouts out to Auntie Ella). Ifa has been nudging me (sometimes pushing LOL) to embrace myself and all that I am capable of. Just before my birthday I did a free webinar to invite in more students. Righteous.

I ended the year learning that being prayed for by someone that adores you is a blessing I didn't think would hit like that.

I realized support from my friends is something I require in my friendships. It's nice to have that.

My theme of the year is Open Roads and Answered Prayers.

I pray that level 45 surprises me with a multitude of miracles for my highest good.

As I make my rounds to saying Thank Yous to commenters, I feel blessed. I am walking in the energy of "I am" and "I Know". It is a beautiful space to be in.

Thank you to my entire Spiritual Court and Soul Family for the support during my level 44.

Big Thank You to ME for not allowing fear to stop us. It shows up and I give myself grace when it does. I then move through it, manifesting my genius.

Thank you so much everyone. Level 45 begins.

Happy 9 years old to me.

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