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More than Just a Full Moon

Why did Goddess decide Moon Phases should be a think? Moon phases are reminders about the cycles of life. Is the energy fertile? Is it time to harvest? Is it time to plant seeds? Is it time to tend your "crops"? Nature is a reflection of our existence. Moon phases and cycles let us know how to align our hopes, dreams, aspirations, goals, intentions, ad more. The other energies playing out in the cosmos around certain phases are just as important.

Early tomorrow morning, 7:40 am EST to be exact, Mama Moon will be nice and full. Ready to pop. This moon is happening in the sign of Virgo. Virgo, the sign of "I analyze" as well as representative of the Harvest, is ruled by Mercury. It's the thoughtful energy within the Earth signs. This Lunar cycle began August 27, 2022. What seeds did you plant in August that are now sprouting and showing signs of maturity and readiness for harvest?

Last night I took a look at questions I asked during that time and tonight I'll consider the answers. If you pull your birth chart you can see what areas of life are being illuminated during this full moon. Other things to consider:

Areas of Challenge - Mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces) Virgo is a mutable sign, meaning the energy fluctuates or shifts. If you have planets in any of those signs they will be illuminated with some challenges or tension. Not necessarily "bad", just stuff you need to put a little umph in to work through. The house those signs rule will also be illuminated.

Areas of Ease - Earth Signs (Taurus and Capricorn) - These signs will and the planets within them will be impacted in a much easier manner. Again if you have planets in those signs, the houses those planets rule will be illuminated as well.

What else is happening?

  • Just a little bit after the full moon, Saturn, the planet of delays; boundaries; structure; karma; learning, is leaving the sign of Aquarius and moving into dreamy Pisces. Wherever you felt restriction should begin (or have already begun) to feel freer (if you learned the lessons Saturn brought to you). Pisces is the sign of "I believe". It is the sign that knows all because it has been all. Beliefs will be challenged. Ideologies questioned. But in what area of your life? Check your birth chart and see where Pisces is. The Houses that host Jupiter and Neptune (Pisces rulers) will likely feel some tension as well.

  • Something I noticed is that the Vertex Point and the Par of Fortune are going to be conjunct (together) in the sign of Libra during this window. Vertex is considered like a point of fate. Par of Fortune is considered where Fortune can be found with ease. If you are someone like me that likes to work with the Gibbous leading up to the full moon, some intentions in the area ruled by Libra may be quite prosperous. Libra rules relationships, so there may be fated meetings, encounters, etc. as well.

  • Chiron is crazy activated right now. 5 planets are aspecting (interacting) with it. Healing is afoot. Be gentle with yourself and others.

  • The sun is in a wide conjunction (close but not like touching) with Neptune. Watch your dreams over the next few days. Write them down, especially if you normally don't. Those questions you've been pondering, the answers will be there.

How to find all of this in your chart? Here are 3 free sites that you can use. If you would like help, feel free to inbox me to see how I can pull your chart for you and identify the placements. There is a printable in my shop that you can purchase that has the symbols as well as some brief descriptions.

Some general things you can always do with a full moon:

  • Write a gratitude list

  • Clean up

  • Take a spiritual bath

  • Plan a release ritual (do it when the moon is waning)

  • Honor your ancestors

  • Take a moon bath (if weather permits)

  • Star gazing

In all things, enjoy, be gentle, and consider why the Most High aligned this event for your highest good. Thanks for reading! Happy Full Moon.

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