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Mercury Retrograde| I know I succeed

It's Mercury Retrograde - YAYYYYYYYYYY! LOL. Mercury is the only planet that goes retrograde every year, multiple times a year. It is a call to action (Mercury is the fastest moving planet). It's a time for us to reevaluate some things and make sure we are in alignment with what is for our highest and greatest good.

General things for Mercury Retrogrades specifically

  • Check and make sure all your technology updates have been done and maintenance on things like your care have been completed.

  • Try to limit travel in general

  • No major medical procedures

  • Don't do anything with contracts

  • Don't panic. It's not a punishment. God/Goddess/Spirit/The Most High/etc. moves the planets in specific configurations to encourage us to move and shift. This is still a choice but by choosing to flow with the current vs against it, you may have an easier time of it.

Some Quickies for Astrology before I get into my thoughts

  • God is moving the planets around the universe in a very methodical pattern

  • The Galaxy, Cosmos is full of energy that is moving in, around, and through the planets

  • The Zodiac Signs act as a lens for that energy. Depending on which area of the cosmos it is as it relates to you personally, how you will see or think about that area. The planet then filters the energy giving it action. This is how you behave in that area based on the planet's energy.

  • The Areas of the cosmos are called Houses and simply reflect areas of life or the progression of life. This applies to people, communities, and businesses.

  • The Rising sign (the ruler of the 1st house) helps you see the lens for the remaining houses.

  • Side Note - Y'all out here mad thinking it's the sun when it's the person's moon sign you're really mad at depending on how long you've known them. LOL. No one person is limited to any 1 sign. All 12 play a part in the picture of who you are and what your soul's journey on this Earth is.

I have listened to a few things and have some thoughts an reflections regarding Mercury retrograde as a beginning astrologer.

Dates - January 14 - February 3| Pre-Shadow began on December 29th, 2021

  • All the Mercury Retrogrades are happening from Air back to Earth Signs. Some common themes throughout the year will be: Taking stock of thoughts and ideas and then ground them into practical reality. Taking the intangible and making them tangible. Problems becoming clearer and finding actions to solution.

  • This retrograde begins in the sign of Aquarius ' "I know" and moves into the sign of Capricorn "I Succeed". I'd like to say that a mantra to repeat for this cycle is "I know I succeed". Maybe journal about what you define success as in the various areas of your life if you don't know which House(s) this is occurring in within your birthchart.

  • Aquarius is a Masculine Air sign - Think innovative ideas, radical, rebellious, humanitarian

  • Capricorn is a Feminine Earth sign - Think grounded, practical, reliable, structured, taking steps in the physical to be successful.

  • Mercury will begin it's retrograde at 10 degrees Aquarius. This is a mix of Aquarius/Gemini energy. So this will be about communication, thoughts, and ideas. Travel, education, and childhood may also play a part.

  • Mercury will end it's retrograde at 24 degrees Capricorn. This is a mix of Capricorn and Virgo energy. Big on the service and analyzing. Again taking the thoughts and putting them into action.

  • For the United States this is going to begin in the 3rd House 3rd House is the house of communication and ideas. It's also the place of early education (think grade school) and short distance travel. We've been in pre-shadow for awhile - Ummm - lots of schools closing It will move back to the 2nd House - What we value in a tangible sense. What is important. In mundane astrology it's the values of an organization (community, business, country), how it makes money, the community that's close to it. The 3rd House is naturally ruled by Gemini (Mercury) so this may be very visible in the US.

  • Numerology at play -

    • 2022 - 6 year - Feminine and Earthy- Nurturing, Intuitive, Loving, Family Oriented, Service Minded

    • January 7 month - leading, introspection, being grounded, knowing when to surrender to the Divine

    • February 8 month - abundance, manifestation, hard work paying off

    • Retrograde begins January 14th - 3 Day - Very Mercury Energy

    • Retrograde ends on February 3rd - 11/2 Day - Very intuitive, Powerful, Collaborative, Partnership

Additional Astrological Events at Play

  • Saturn Square Uranus - Saturn was in a square with the planet Uranus in December. To put this in terms anyone can understand:

    • The Planet of Structure and Rules was at odds with how to work with the planet of Rebellion and Change.

    • Two very opposite thought schools needing to work together. Battling for supremacy.

    • So any area were looking at things that were traditional, rigid, societal norms and thinking... I need a freaking change. I don't want to do this anymore.... this may be something that comes back up for you.

  • Venus Conjunct Pluto - Venus was conjunct Pluto as well. The Goddess of Love is hanging out harmoniously with the Planet of Transformation

    • BIG relationship evaluations happening

    • On a broader scale it is who and what you love and value being evaluated. Being tested to see if it is still in alignment with your highest and greatest good or do you need to take a step back, let something go, or make a shift in some capacity.

    • Venus rules love, relationships, love languages, money, values, and justice

  • Mercury Kazimi - Mercury will be sitting in the heart of the Sun on January 23rd from about 5:23 am EST - 7:30 am EST

    • The Sun illuminates the Mind (Mercury)

    • Revelations, Ideas, Downloads

    • If this is a time you meditate this may be great for getting clarity on things you've been stuck on.

    • This is another 3 day - ideas, high energy, communication

    • Journaling, Scripting may be a good thing to do at this time

  • Mercury Conjunct Pluto - Mercury will be conjunct Pluto January 28th through the end of the Retrograde.

    • For those that do tarot I'm picture 8 of Swords - 10 of swords

    • How are we hemming ourself up in our thoughts and ideas, giving ourself anxiety, and over burdening ourself

    • There may also be some revelations or reflections with people in your life. Who is for you and who is not?

    • Resolving conflicts that may have come up around the holidays.

These are just a few thoughts based on the signs, placements, and interpretations from astrologers that I follow. You can click the button below to book a reading to see what messages the divine has for you regarding Mercury Retrograde. Only $22 for 30 minutes.

If you are member of Niyah's Grotto of the Divine Feminine - Be sure to check out our group. There is a post where I will tell you which area of life is being impacted most by this retrograde.

What do you plan to do to ease your way through this retrograde? One suggestion is trust your intuition. It is the voice of your soul. Your inner guidance system that is not living in this time but sees all your pathways because it is you still connected to Source. Trust that the pathway you are being nudged on is the path of ease even when you are unsure. Have faith in yourself and flow with the energy.

Thanks again for the support. Leave a comment so I know you stopped.

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