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Manifest TODAY - Jupiter in the Heart of the Sun

Good Morning. Good Day. Grand Rising. Joyous Rising.

Today the Sun is moving right there where Jupiter sits. It will place Jupiter right in its heart (Kazimi in astrological terms).

What does this mean? Why did the Most High feel like this was something that needed to occur? (Because you know the planets and things don't move just because God/dess thinks that joint looks cool right???)

Well... I just realized that..... we are in an 11 Month, with today being the 11th this is a 22 day. The Master Builder. How does one become a Master Builder and what are you building?

You lean into your intuition.

You allow Divine inspiration to help you co-create (build) your hopes and dreams. And those dreams are built on an exceptionally strong foundation.

Jupiter is known as the GREAT BENEFIC. It's a planet of truth, expansion, justice, abundance, etc.

In one culture Jupiter is the name they give to the Most High.

In many indigenous and African cultures the Sun is the luminary of God.

So again this magnified energy of Source aligning to support us in creating what we desire (want comes from lack) and need in our current reality.

Think not just individually... this energy is expansive.

Can a group of you (us) come together and manifest some wellness across a community?

The other day I called out to those playing small with their gifts.

Today is not a day to pray small.

Today is a day to remember that the Most High is the Source of all.

If you can imagine it in your existence, Goddess has already placed it in your spiritual bank account. You are simply manifesting a withdrawal into the physical realm.

Suggestions on how to make the most of this..

Journal. Write it out. Specifics. What it feels like. What it smells like. What is the life you are co-creating with your Creator right now?

What will make it stable and have longevity?

Bonus points if you look at your birth chart and see where Jupiter is visiting and where it was at when you were born. Those are the areas that you should consider manifesting in. Then where Jupiter is ruling in your chart (Pisces and Sagittarius) should also be included.

You can pull your birth chart for free on

You need your birthday, specific time, and location (city/state)

If you don't know what the symbols mean I have a $3 pdf on my website you can download to explain them.

Don't feel like doing the work but want to know? Cash app me $22 ($niyahsgardenllc) and I'll pull it and tell you what areas of life. This is not a reading, I'm simply going to say... look at these areas of your life as places of expansion.

Once you have your vision, consider making a vision board. Sun energy is all about creativity.

Turn your vision into affirmations and recite them over the next few days. (9 is a great number)

You can always ask the Divine for a SPECIFIC sign to give you a heads up that things are in motion. You decide what that sign is and pray for it. (Once again, if you believe the Most High is all powerful than act like it. Stop playing small in your prayers. Oh please give me a sign is not the same as, Please show me this as a sign that things are in motion.)

Practitioners... anoint your vision board with appropriate oils to align with your intentions. Give an offering of cool water.

Have fun with this. This is a beautiful energy and we should be grateful that God felt like it was a good day to receive expansion and Abundance.

Keep in mind this is Mars day. So this type of manifestation likely works better when we do some action with it (Reason I said make something). Plus the Sun and Jupiter are in Aries which is ruled by Mars.

Mars is also the martial. Again... refer back to what I said Sunday.

Happy Manifesting Loves.

Have a wonderful day!

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