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Love Languages and My Birth Chart

So I was about to go to sleep and a random thought popped in my head about love languages. I was tickled and then it was like lemme reflect on this a little bit.

My love languages - in order

  1. Words of Affirmation

  2. Physical Touch and Quality Time

  3. Acts of Service

You'll notice Gifts aren't there. I don't dislike gifts. I like them very much. But if you are trying to win my heart or speak to my inner being, gifts are tops like that. It has to couple with one of the others. Like …. you gift me a deck of tarot cards to support my practice. That actually goes with Acts of Service since you are helping me out with something. So don't not get me gifts. They just have to speak to me.

Again so some placements that talk about what you need in a partner; Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, Mars. I'm going to include Mercury solely for my own explanation.

Let's talk Words of Affirmation. Things that may stick out are strong Air Sign and/or Mercurial energy. I am an Aquarius Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus in the 8th. I also have Thalia (muse of poetry) in that spot. I will also include Sagittarius Venus in this since it is the "Guru" of the zodiac. Sag's are quite brilliant because they have a thirst for knowledge and experiences.

So I have an Air Sign that is the filter for my Sun (what lights me up), Mars (what turns me on and fuels me), and Mercury (how I communicate and think). That's a big DUH on the Words right. Through a little Guru from the Sagittarius Venus ( I do love others with words) and on an unconscious level (Gemini rules my 12th, the House of the unconscious). I like it when you talk to me. I love it when you talk nerdy to me. I love it when you speak love, passion, and life over me (Aries (Sign of "I am" "Me" "It's about ME") Moon (my inner being and emotional space).

Ok what about Physical Touch and Quality Time. I'm an Aries Moon. Aries is all about the body and the moon is how you feel. Aries is also the sign of "I am" and my Moon is sitting in the 10th House. The 10th House is naturally ruled by Saturn (Capricorn). Saturn among many things is the God of Time. So I want you to spend Time with Me. I want you to Touch me too. I also have my Venus in my 6th house of day to day life. How you spend your what... TIME. Oh and the house of hook ups is ruled by Scorpio which does rule sex.

Acts of Service. Well... Again back to my Venus in the 6th House. This is the House of Service. My friends will tell you that not only am I prone to speaking over them, the ones closest too me I follow it up with time and acts of service. Feeling bad? Would you like me to bring you a hug. Let me randomly drop some french fries off to you. Service can also be seen as work so that Moon in the 10th (House of Career) means doing for others makes me feel good.

It was really cool to kind of see how the Love Languages reflect in my chart. Do you know what your love languages are? How can you see them reflected in your birth chart or any other tool? I may do my Human Design or Numerology next. That may be neat.

Thanks again for reading. Be sure to leave a comment so I know you came by. If you're enjoying I hope you'll consider supporting for only $3.33/month. The Eating Artist plan for folks to support my writing. I will also post snippets of things I haven't published, as well as stories for the Adults. These blogs are exclusively for the supports as a thank you.

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