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Looking At the Lunar Node Shift| Collective Karmic Shift

What the heck is a node? If you aren't into astrology, that would likely be the first question. I imagine it would conjure very interesting imagery for those with strong imaginations.

So what is a node. Lunar nodes are the result of measurements that mark specific points on the ecliptic of the moon. These points coincide with eclipses. When personal planets interact with these points, shifts in destiny, karma, fate, etc. are triggered. In tropical/Western astrology these are the North and South nodes. In Vedic astrology they are known as Rahu and Ketu, the Dragon's head and tail. They represent the evolutionary journey our soul wants to take in this life. Something we want to learn and integrate into our being.

The North Node is where we are trying to go. It is a culmination of skills, traits, experiences, and the like that we want to integrate into our being. The South Node is where we have been. It is what we bring with us into this life from a previous life. Again these are skills, traits, experiences, etc. that we have already done and thus these feel very natural to us in this life.

These are not opposing forces so to speak though. The energy of the South Node can propel us to our North Node. Being too far one way or the other isn't the goal. It's finding that sweet spot where you harmonizing the two forces. An example would be mine. I have a Virgo North Node and Pisces South Node. Practical, Analytical, Grounded, Organized Virgo. Dreamy, Creative, Psychic, Ethereal, Wise, Addictive Pisces. You can see that those two seem very much at odds. However, if you've been around me or my site you will see that I'm striving to be #PracticallySpiritual. That is the sweet spot in the middle. I take steps to be grounded and still honor my spiritual practice as well. As much as I can I incorporate the two together. Knowing which House (area of life) your nodes are in can provide additional context as to what your soul wants to experience in this life.

Now that you have a bit of context, let's discuss the transiting nodes. Just like the planets are in constant motion, so are the nodes. The nodes move in the opposite direction from the planets through the zodiac. They are in a perpetual retrograde motion. So instead of going from Aries to Taurus, it would be from Aries to Pisces.

The Nodes today are in Gemini and Sagittarius, north and south respectively. Tomorrow the nodes will be in Taurus and Scorpio. Think of it as an energetic shift in focus for everyone. An astrologer I watch made a a good correlation. The nodes stay in an axis for 18 months. Gemini - Information, Technology, Ideas, Communication, Short Distance Travel, Education (think grade school)

Sagittarius - Higher learning, Guru, Long Distance Travel, Culture, Philosophy

Think about what the entire planet was going through. Just an over abundance of information on almost EVERYTHING. Travel being limited and then expanded and then limited again. Trying to determine who to listen to and who not to. Children and the changes in how they learn and leveraging technology more. Everybody was going through this.

Now we are moving into Taurus and Scorpio. What can we expect? Well let's look at how the signs are alike:

  • Sensuality - Taurus is more expressed outwardly, where Scorpio it is deeply felt

  • What feels good to you. Taurus it's about your 5 senses. Scorpio it is about your heart and soul.

  • Feminine Energy - Earth and Water are both feminine signs

  • Fixed Energy - Fixed signs are exactly what the name implies...fixed. They are as much reliable as they are stubborn.

Overall about the signs:

  • Taurus- " I build" - Feminine, All Physical World, Rules 5 Senses - Planetary Ruler Venus, Sensuality, Luxury, Richness, Mother Earth, Abundance, Self Love

  • Scorpio - "I Desire" - Feminine, Sexuality, Power, Death/Rebirth, Transformation, Intuition, Deep Emotions, Shadow Self - Planetary Rulers Mars (traditional) and Pluto (modern)

Things that may come up for you during this shift:

  • How do you honor yourself both outwardly and internally?

  • Do you give our power away for the sake of appearances?

  • Are there ideals that you have held that have kept you stagnant?

  • Where are you trying to transform?

  • What needs to fall away so that you can experience your blessings in the physical world?

  • How do I honor the sacredness of my sexuality in a way that honors my truest self?

During this time make sure you take the time to stay grounded and trust your intuition. A mantra you can hold on to is "I build what I desire".

I pulled some Soul Journey cards to see what we may be learning and I got - Success, Peace, Trust with an undercurrent energy around Honesty.

I grabbed a few advice cards as well

  • Maiden of Wind - Clarity

  • Ace of Seas - Ecsta-Sea

  • Gaia - The World

  • Under the deck - 6 of Fire Forgiveness

The first thing I noticed was that the Maiden of Wind is the only card with eyes open. Her and the hawk she's flying are looking at the other two cards. There's a sense of purpose and direction in her gaze. She's going for that which she desires with pinpoint accuracy. The other cards feel very internal. Simply taking in the energy. Very introspective. The growth being experienced may be less material and more spiritual. You'll have some material growth, a lot, with Mother Earth present on the World card. The World is the end and the beginning. It is where your journey is ending and beginning. Keep that in mind as things begin to fall away during this time. And be gentle with yourself. You may come to some realizations and want to be hard on yourself because you didn't get there sooner. All is in divine timing. Simply honor where you are and forgive yourself as you continue to grow.

Not sure if I'll do an offering specifically for the nodes but feel free to book a reading and you can indicate that is your specific question. If you include your exact birth time and location I be able to tell you which area of your life is being triggered in your birth chart.

Be open to the shift. Big energy but I'm really excited about it (I'm a solar return Scorpio rising and natal Scorpio dominant lol)

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