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Limits on the Limitless| Understanding God

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

It’s about 5am EST. I woke up when my alarm went off and (besides these here cramps) I feel pretty awake. I was trying to recall my dreams when something else seeded in my mind. And it is slowly moving. So I’m just going to write and see where it goes.

People want to compartmentalize, or limit how others experience the Divine. That vexes me. And when I say “me” I don’t now that I’m solely speaking of me the soul in human form writing this blog. They want to put a limit on “something” that is Limitless. How? How can you on the one hand say that the Most High is limitless and boundless, and then on the other say this person can’t possibly have this experience and associate it with God.

****It’s at this point that I will indicate that God is neither masculine nor feminine. Today, I’m using God simply because of who I expect to read this and nothing more. Plus, it’s how it’s streaming to me so I’m just going to go with it without question. *****

It is impossible to truly know God. We are souls living in a human body. Our human mind is not designed to witness the truest majesty of our creator. For some of you God lives up in Heaven. Some place not here or something to that effect. For others God is on a specific star or planet. For others God simply is in all things. Some may not even believe in God, at least not some would qualify it. Who is right? Who is wrong? Who are we, as mere mortals to make that call? Hmmm?

Some people put stock in a book. A book penned by humans. This is not fallacy. This is what it is. Human beings, regardless of what language or translation you are reading, wrote all holy books. Your faith in their transcription of divine word is faith in that human. Not faith in the Most High. The Most High didn’t write the bible. The book, at least as most of us know it, was written by white men. I call this out specifically because so many indigenous people, especially African Americans, don’t sit with that. A group of people who had a total disdain for anything they didn’t create themselves (and the people who created it) took words written by people of color and rewrote them. Now, you have to decide if you believe this is God’s word or the words of a conqueror. How do you know? You don’t. You only have an idea or what you believe? Does it make you right? Does it make you wrong? Whatever you decide is simply ego and you can’t possibly know with 100% certainty of how God views your decision.

I find it interesting that people will shun those that practice indigenous faiths, spirituality or however you call it, simply because it is a different way of viewing God. When you truly look at how indigenous people practice their faith it is by seeing and feeling the majesty of The All in ALL things. It is in the experience of Creation that they experience the Creator. Let’s just make this make sense…. The experience of The Creator through Creation itself is what is shunned. The first things created were the elements, the Earth, the animals, the oceans… all of That Creation is where indigenous people truly experience their oneness. That….however, in the minds of some is not of God. I just want you to say the sentence, “To experience The Creator, God, through His/Her Divine Creation is NOT of God” and then make that make sense.

People will get hung up on the words and not the intention of the experience. Because you have resounded to allow your divine creator to be limited to a single gender, male, the person who sees the creator as the Divine Mother is wrong?? Though, even in the Bible, the line is “…created man AND woman in OUR image”. We won’t get into the Our part because that’s a different type of conversation. However, the man and woman is important. It is both man and woman, male and female, feminine and masculine that make up the Source of Creation. Therefore, it takes both a man and woman to create life. Therefore, when manifesting you need the essence of femininity and masculinity (which dwell within all beings and creation) to bring your manifestation into reality.

I can not tell you how to experience God, nor would I ever want to. If I coach you, I don’t tell you what your experience should be. That’s not my purpose. It’s simply to help you unlock how YOU experience God. It’s not going to be exactly the same for everyone. Understanding that the ultimate goal for you should be to develop your own relationship with the divine, see yourself as divine, and walk in your purpose as a good person. If you choose to consider seeing yourself as separate from God, that is YOUR path. If you choose to see yourself one with God and thus all things, that is YOUR path. Each soul chose how it wants to experience remembering their creator.

Everyone isn’t meant to step away from organized religion in this life. Everyone isn’t meant to be spiritual in this life. Some souls are learning the experience of one or the other. Some of us are merging the two into something else entirely.

If I could impart one piece of anything, look at the character of the soul you are judging for being different from you. Don’t get so hung up on whether their way is right or wrong vs yours. There isn’t a competition for God’s love. No one is better than anyone. We are all simply trying to remember why we came and do that which we came to do. And doing the best we can at it while under the veil of forgetfulness and in a human body.

I’m adding this because it came to me and it’s likely going to ruffle feathers, but I care not. If you ask me what I think. My idea is that the Divine Creator/God/Goddess/Source/Most High/All/etc. is in all things. Everything inanimate and animate has the essence of God within it. Energy can not be created nor destroyed, simply changing forms. Thus, all forms we can see (or not see) have one origin point. I don’t believe the creator to be one gender or another. This is likely why I’ve never had beef with trans or non-binary people. It’s confusing to me to hear people say that the Most High is all and thus genderless and then have a problem with a subset of humans who are literally moving to that same state of being. I don’t know why that is, but I can only expect that they didn’t choose to be shunned or shamed for being who they truly are. Angels have no gender. Most deities only have one so that human minds can process and understanding of the energy. But… yeah let’s say that humans can’t possible be so connected to their soul essence they remember what it is like to not be he/she but simply All.

And on that note… I am going to go to my altar. I think I’ve said what I was supposed to say this morning. Have a beautiful day everyone.

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