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Language in my Spiritual Walk

I often reflect on the power of words. What words am I using? What do those words actually mean? Is that the message I want to convey? Is that the energy of the message I want to send?

I realized that I am shifting a lot of my word choices to more align with the how I engage with my Spiritual practice. Here are just some words and phrases I have chosen to pull away from, along with my why. If these resonate with you by all means speak your truth. This is just mine.

Referring to people as sleep or woke in a spiritual sense: Let me say that I have no issue with the term woke used in its original context. The use of the word woke in the Black community was related to social and political awareness. It meant that you were aware of what was going on in and around the Black community, specifically African American.

Often the energy I feel when people say that others are sleep or unconscious, it feels limiting. It feels like they can't possibly be on the right journey. They are falling behind.

For me it feels like ego looking for a way to maintain a division. I simply don't choose to speak in those terms. Some people are aware they are on a spiritual journey. They conscious of it. Some are not aware. It doesn't mean they aren't on one. They simply may not be cognizant of it. Some may also be on a journey that leads them to organized religion. That to may be in alignment with the choices their soul made prior to incarnating at this time. Those meant to move beyond organized religion will, when it is time. I find that Gen X is having that transition now. And it is right on time.

God-Fearing. This just... Speaking honestly. The level of toxicity in how some organized religions want you to relate to your Creator is really alarming. Like, encouraging you to live in a perpetual state of Stokholm syndrome. Take this abuse and love me. Be loving and scared as hell of me. I feel like you can have a respect, a reverence, without living in abject fear that this immortal being is going to smite you and everyone you love simply because.

It's like if God isn't judging you, condemning you, punishing you, tormenting you, etc. Is it really God? Like is that truly the relationship you want? I had a conversation with God and asked permission to cuss. And I let the Most High know I was irritated. I was annoyed. I was frustrated. I said it and I cussed. I cried. I may have even screamed. When I was complete, I felt light. Airy even. Just free of that frustration in my chest. And I received beautiful confirmation of like, yeah I get it.

Do yo know why? Energy isn't created nor destroyed. So as much as Goddess is everything around us, God is experiencing Humanity divinely through us. Why in the world should I be afraid of myself?? And i know that is so hard for some people to fathom. Yet you will say God is everything, well except you though. (Insert confused emoji and raised eyebrow emoji)

I personally have a reverence and respect for God. I love God and I can say that in a way I could not say that in my youth. In my youth I had an awareness of God laced in fear. I'm not afraid anymore and I genuinely don't believe that's the relationship your Creator wants with you. I think it was man made to suit an agenda.

Obey as it relates to any divinity, God, (honestly I don't even use that word with my kids) it's giving Slave Massa. You better do this or else. How are you going to say you need to Obey and you have free will. Obey indicates you don't have free will. It's this. Period. My way or the highway. Do this or I'm going to f your life up. I've heard even the so called "spiritually woke" say, "Oh this happened because I was disobedient." You're kidding right? You who should know there are multiple paths for you to choose and the one you happened to choose simply wasn't energetically aligned to the best outcome. But... you were disobedient. What happened to your choice?

I accept God. I trust in the inner knowing (that's another one coming) to show me the way. And if I don't interpret quite right I know that my Spiritual Court will help me reroute to the way I was truly intending to go.

Lean not on your own understanding. So this is such an interesting phrase and I'm actually thankful I didn't grow up with it in my house. It says don't trust yourself. Period. That's what it means. If you trust yourself, you gonna mess it up. You don't know what you are doing. You know nothing. You have no inner guidance system to support you.

You know how I know. Look at the memes and imagery used in conjunction with this phrase. It makes you not ask questions. Not discern. Not intuit.

When The Most High in all Her wisdom gave you a Mind and Intuition to align to Higher Knowing and understanding for YOUR HIGHEST GOOD. But yeah, don't use that. Because that makes sense.

It doesn't. Not to me. It sounds like another means of control that isn't coming from the Source.

Surrender vs Submission. Now as it relates to adult activities... I will happily do both.

To surrender implies you are willingly letting go and allowing the authority of another to take the lead. There is a release, an exhale of you will. The desire to fight against whatever is gone.

To submit means you give your power away. It doesn't imply that you desire to. You simply are. It doesn't imply that the fight within is gone. You simply aren't. Like the phrase "beaten into submission".

When it comes to my spiritual life, I find moments of surrender. I feel like some things are above my spiritual pay grade and I need to call in reinforcements. In that moment I allow the Divine to do what it do to help me find ease in a situation.

I never feel like I submit. Never. I am not handing over my power to anyone. And if the Most High only desires for me to surrender and relax every now and then, why would I submit to a human? So yes, I do surrender when need be. Sometimes a better picture is being painted without my hand on the brush. There's not fight. No resistance.

If I feel like I have to submit, there's still some fight there. Probably a lot.

Those are just a few words and phrases I've reflected on over the last couple years. Are there any that you've heard and stopped using? Share your thoughts below. Thanks again for reading.

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