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I am Limitless - Inspired by TD Jakes Video

It's a little after 10pm. I am in bed, but not sleeping. Scrolling on LinkedIN. Not sure why. Then I come across this video. I'll link it below. "It takes Courage to be successful"

Sit with that a moment. It takes COURAGE to be successful. And I immediately knew I had to listen to this video. See I've been working on learning a new form of divination. Simple yes or no questions with a wealth of so much more. And what has been consistent is how inconsistent my mind BELIEVES without a shadow of doubt that "I can". That "I know". I am in the fullness of myself.

I know that I am still working on believing in my own greatness and tonight it was like just... know. Believe and know and do all the things. Know that I am worthy. Know that I am deserving. I sometimes get in my own way. And I catch myself and my words. I hear the ego in me say the limiting things like... "Maybe." Maybe I shouldn't say the thing because I haven't been on my journey as long as they. Maybe I shouldn't charge so much because I haven't been doing the thing as long. Maybe I shouldn't text because he or she may be on the phone with another she or he that's not me and I am not who they want to speak to.

In work. In love. In life... I have allowed myself to shrink to the tune of those in my ear. The voices I hear and the words. "Do you think that you are that interesting?" "Do you think that you should do that?" "You are such a cry baby and weak" "He has a type and you aren't it."

So much doubt that now the voices no longer sound like outside. No, the voice it sounds like mine. I get to edge, to the precipice of my ascension and the abyss. It's filled with light. My light. Shining and waiting for me to accept it all. Not just piece meal it here and there. Body it. All of it. This lifetime is my time.

I was watching a pick-a-card once and it made me laugh because she said, "Some of you have really firey ancestors." I laughed because I had an ancestor reading done and that is how she described the energy. That I was the cool water and they were the fire. She was physically hot and sweating. On the video I was watching she said this is a specific message for some of you but, you don't charge enough. I felt struck. Hit. Attacked. Seen. I knew that was for me because I waffle on how much to charge.

I hesitate and mince words when I speak to the object of my affection because I am unsure if I am worthy of his. Though my intution tells me loud and clear it's there my fear of rejection holds me in this smallness. I laugh. I joke. I say it but not in the way that is strong and sure.

I haven't taken the biggest risks out of fear of the blowback from them.

I stayed in my hometown out of the fear that something would happen to a member of my family and I wouldn't be able to get there if they needed me. As if no on else lived here. I was accepted to 3 schools away and though I'm sure that part of my journey had to play out that way, I look back and know that fear was the catalyst to hold me here.

So now what. What do I do? What do I think? How do I move when not moving is no longer an option? When not speaking is no longer a resort?

I release the notion, idea, premise that I can't do this. It does not matter the this. I am limitless. I know that within me, I am is the All I am. Divinely connected to Source. The Most High and I are together and one. What can't I do? What battle can't be one? What can't I achieve when God/dess dwells within me?

I am gifted in my craft. Innately intuitive, empathic, medium and oracle gifts... I allow them space to full develop and express. Even now I am a goddess. As such I deserve to be paid what I'm worth. I am worthy of financial compensation of my services, courses, books, events and more. The energy we exchange through payment is divinely transmuted and blesses not only me but is for the highest good of all.

I do not fall pray to the fear that my ego has for me. I know that ego simply wants to protect me from being hurt. Yet I know that my higher self is no longer guiding me down a path of trauma, exhaustion, over work, over tired, over stressed, or heartbreak. I know that as I divine over my life my path, my light casts illumination on the next step. I don't have to see through the fog of the finish line. In divine time I will be where I shall be. With ease. With balance and enlightenment. I am my higher self and my higher self is me.

I am worthy of love, attention, affection and more. I am deserving of my divine counterpart. I know in due time our paths will coincide since they are already aligned.

I am thankful for my 6 figure salary. I know that the divine aligns me to the right people, places, and opportunities to ensure that me and mine are taken care of.

I am cultivating a community of divine beings in oneness with their higher selves.

I am inspired and empowered by my ancestors to make big moves when needed and rest when needed.

I am... ready.

I know that it won't be overnight and that is alright. I know that the wind is swift and so shall it be. All things in alignment for my highest and greatest good.

I am grateful. I have 5 published books so far to my credit. Once I finish with my personal spiritual work I'll be back to writing again (though I have some non -spiritual stuff already cooking). I have a business. Business has a website. I am constantly in awe of synchronicities and divine alignments. I have a successful podcast. My garden is constantly growing. All is well.

It doesn't matter how many readers exist, I am me. It doesn't matter how many spiritual baths exist, I am me. it doesn't matter how many spiritual coaches exist, I am me. I am the Empress. Mother Earth is Abundant. We can all eat. We can all be prosperous. I am courageous enough to work my plan and be successful.

Thank you for reading. I hope that this inspires you to be courageous in your own life. Get out your way. Speak over your life what it is that you know is divinely aligned for you. If you can imagine it, feel it, believe it, so shall it be. Then allow your spirit to move you to your dream.

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