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Hugs and Kisses Are Magic

It's 4am - Writing time. LOL.

Initially, I was lying here contemplating if I had some Aleve for some pain. Then I decided to think about something else and it started with a kiss and realizing I didn't pay attention to something key in the kiss. I'll get into that later, maybe.

Kisses led me to considering the energy work that happens in a kiss and then I thought, "What about hugs?" Thus, here I am about to go on this magical journey about hugs and kisses being energy magic/healing.

Let's start with hugs. I'm a hugger. I like to hug. It is one of my favorite forms of expressing that I care for you. There are few people in my life that I have felt absolutely no desire to hug. Almost like being repelled or something like a vaccum sensation. Like there isn't anything there. Outside of that, most people, at least the ones close to me, I have hugged at least once. Side Note: Please do not come for my neck if I have never hugged you. There could be a multitude of reasons why that aren't specific to you being a vacuum. If you've never received a hug - consider yourself hugged LOL.

Ok. So back to hugs. And I'm going to discuss my own hugging experience so this may not be 100% related to you. However, I believe it will still resonate.

I was thinking about days where I'm sad but I'm also trying to hold it in. Then someone comes to me and hugs me, which causes me to immediately burst into tears. It's like someone opening a door that I was trying to hold closed. Why? What is it about the hug that causes that surge of emotions to come forth?

My mind when to jumping a car batter. Well then I was like how the heck. Is it the person giving energy to me? So I looked up how jumping a car actually works. What I learned is that jumping a car battery is literally that... jumping over the car battery. The "Charge" isn't going to the battery at all. It's a means to close the circuit so the charge moves through the car to the starter and back to the working battery not the dead one.

Let me tell you how my mind was blown this morning. I always wondered how the battery on the working car doesn't get drained and why you still need to immediately get a new battery. Learning this was so eye opening.

This is what I think takes place when you hug. I'm using the cry scenario because I know several people who have said or thought this, "Don't hug me or you're going to make me cry or cry even more." Crying is our body's way of releasing. It's a cleansing itself of whatever energy triggered that emotional response so that you don't hold it in. When you prevent your tears from falling, it's like you are emotional constipating yourself. You need to let yourself cry.

Emotions start in our Sacral. They move up from there through our Solar Plexus and then are expressed through our Heart. However, they start in our Sacral.

Let's look at a good hug. Your bodies are parallel to each other. Thus allowing a connection between not only your physical body but your energetic body as well. The hug is the jumper cable. The person giving the hug is the working battery. The hug sends a jolt of energy to you that opens up the closed energy of the sacral. Thus allowing those emotions to move up and out so that you are able to cry.

The person doing the hugging, if they are grounded, won't absorb your sadness. They will be able to witness and observe it. They will have empathy. They may let a tear fall, but they aren't bathed in your sadness. They can be a comfort to you. You receiving the hug feel safe to allow because you allowed yourself to receive in that moment. That's what triggers the sacral to open. It is the energy center that allows us to be open to receive. Once you are open to receive you can be vulnerable and let go. Thus allowing the energy to move through you and be released as was intended.

You ever hug someone when you were in a good mood and it literally increased with the hug. Same thing. You may be happy but that current flows through you allowing even more happiness to be received and in this case it's an open circuit. So you are both passing that through. This is why you are both laughing and smiling when it happens.

Your children may come and proactively hug you when they notice you are sad, without ever being told to do that for someone. They do it on natural instinct. That's because they are still very much connected to their Source energy and understand (even if they don't have words to convey it to you) how to tap in and heal.

For my fellow empaths and clairsentients, this is why grounding and having that semi-permeable energy shield is so important. It allows us to witness and empathize, without absorbing and taking on. It allows us to feel what the feeling is without owning what the feeling is. Thus, giving us space to do things like Reiki and other Energy Healing work without owning everyone else's stuff. Your shadow wants you to stay hidden because it's too much energy in the world. Your light wants you to learn how to ground and protect yourself so that you can light the world up.

Congratulations on learning that everyone is an energy healer unconsciously.

Kissing. Another favorite expression of love and affection. Kissing has a similar effect, however I am considering the discernment of information from a kiss.

Have you every kissed or been kissed by someone unexpectedly? Like, a friend. Someone that you thought you were just really cool with and then you kiss. Now, you are questioning life. What are these feelings? What is going on? All of a sudden, you see them in a new way.

Here's another one. Let's say you finally get a date with that person you've been checking for. Good conversation. Night ends. You kiss. Nothing. No spark. No jolt. No anything. Now, you can't shake it. The pull that was once there has completely stopped. You're not even sure you want to even be friends. You now see this person differently.

So we see in 2 ways. Physically with our physical eyes. Spiritually/Energetically with our 3rd eye. All of our eyes are in our face and in relatively close proximity to one another. Sometimes, our conscious reality is busy and we can't always see the energy of a situation. Stepping back and trying to use discernment is us asking our 3rd eye to step in (whether you know it or not).

Let's look at what happens when you kiss, specifically on the lips. We aren't talking about the cloak and dagger of ears and necks. That's another type of magic. LOL.

You come face to face. Physical eyes are generally what.... CLOSED. In that moment you are in darkness, the unseen. Your 3rd eye is now OPEN. It is able to see the energy of the person and feel it for what it is. That's why you a "good kiss" feels like the energy travels to your head then back down through your body. It goes from your 3rd eye to your crown which is your where you start getting information from the Creator/Universe/God(dess) . The question is asked and answered in less than a moment. That information passes back through and down. You ever feel tense or tight when the kiss first happens. Then when you get the answer that says "match" your entire body becomes a wet noodle. You just completely relax and get washed away in the kiss.

The same could be said when it's a "bad kiss" That answer comes back like "Abort mission" LOL. Your body not only remains tight, It tights up even more. Your mind is asking questions that basically sum up to "How did I get here?" (Hey - That's you receiving downloads. You're welcome. )

Now, I can imagine at least a couple of you saying. "Why would I get a yes for someone I'm not meant to be with forever?" The answer is, you're not meant to only love one person in your lifetime. Do you realize how long a life is? A day is short. A life is long. (FYI - Stop saying Life is short. If you want a long and happy life. Stop that) One thing is completely true in this life. LOVE. It is the ultimate truth. We are meant to learn to love and love with the fullness of our being without asking. Simply giving love.

Thus, in our life we are meant to learn through love. We are meant to learn through our connections with others. It's not that we are meant to learn through pain and hardship. It's that we are meant to learn through seeing ourselves in each other. Think about it. We are all aspects of God. Every person, thing, everything. All. Each one a different part of that Divine energy expressing itself differently. Each person we draw into our life is reflecting something to us that we need to see in ourself. It may be something we need to mend. It may be something we need to express more of. The moment we close ourselves off to connections, that we are meant to have, we stop the learning and growing. We stop spreading love.

Just now I heard a verse from "Lessons' - "I had to learn that everything that I was meant to see wasn't meant for me". Meaning, this relationship was meant to happen. It just wasn't meant to be forever. That's ok. You learn from those loves. The partnership, if that's your destiny, that is suppose to be the one you come into marriage (or other such union) with will be so much richer because you have learned what you needed in order to be a true energetic match.

Also, no you aren't meant to kiss everyone on the planet. I know some of you are extra and need the little things put plainly LOL. However, if the moment comes, you might be meant to. Use your intuition and allow it to guide you.

Back to the kiss from earlier. I realize in the moment this particular kiss happened, it caught me off guard for one. However, I never expected to be kissed by this person. I was lost in that. Lost in the, "Did he just kiss me?" So I couldn't take in any more information.

Reflecting on the kiss itself, I did not get drowned in it. I didn't get washed away. It's not because it was a surprise. It's because it wasn't a full kiss I guess. It wasn't completely platonic, but it wasn't really romantic either. More like a curiosity I think for the other person.

My HS sweetheart. He asked if it was ok to kiss me. I'm considering now, when was the last time that happened. He asked me though. We were running and playing. Stopped and he took my hand, looked me in the face and asked me if it was ok. I remember my heart jumping in my chest. I also remember looking down, because for the whole of our relationship I never felt worthy of him. It was the most honest and purest kiss.

I've had the... "Welp, that was fun. See ya." sensation as well. LOL There is so much no happening here. LOL.

This was a pretty cool stream of consciousness. I wasn't really sure where it was going to go but I decided to go down the rabbit hole.

Hope you enjoyed the read. What part resonated with you? What are your hug and kiss experiences? Comment below so I know you stopped by. Be sure to share with a friend.

Have a great day.

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