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Growth Looks Like - Overcoming Fears of Rejection and Betrayal

I'm sitting here listening to a reading. It's a general reading but I feel like she's snatching my edges. Tears are falling because the truth resonates so loudly I can't run away from it.

"You have a fear of community" And it is also the thing I so greatly desire.

"You have so many ideas and you are afraid to share them because when you did someone betrayed you" This is loud and I don't like it. LOL

"If you don't act on the idea it will go to someone else. It doesn't belong to you it belongs to the Universe. Even if someone does something similar, it still won't be YOU."

I ... there is always this post or something, don't tell people what you're planning because ... It's only now dawning on me how much power my inaction is fueling this mindset. Who is more powerful than me? This isn't like a competition, this is a paradigm shifting question for myself. If I am as powerful as I know myself to be (and that isn't even the full breadth of me), why does it matter? Why do I allow myself to shrink STILL.

You know Spirit forced me to pull people together to support me for my show. Like... I wasn't going to ask my live music guest even though I REALLY wanted him to be there. I honestly didn't feel worthy. That's the honest truth. Like why would he do something with this no name person, who isn't really popular. That's the real truth. I know that I am great at just about everything I touch. That is my gift. Yet I regularly battle with the fear of rejection.

When I do share my ideas, inevitably someone will do something really similar because I didn't act or I was still in process and that's because I have a belief in my subconscious that despite my awesomeness someone more popular should be doing it. WOW...

Like popularity is the determining factor for greatness because that is what I was programmed to believe. It doesn't matter that when I see it, I know I could have executed it better. That's not a slight. It's just me sitting in the moment being truthful. And also asking myself for forgiveness. Forgiving myself for not believing in my awesomeness.

If you didn't watch my YouTube yesterday, one of the things I came to understand about Sango is that he was not really seeing his full self at first. He had to grow into his own energy. That made SO MUCH sense to me. (I caught an 11:11 right about here)

The video also mentioned no longer walking into a room hoping people like me but walking into a room and considering if I like who is there. Man.... that hit home. I REGULARLY felt like this almost crippling fear of being in groups or in front of people because I wanted them to like me. It's what made me a people pleaser. I just want you to like me. I wanted community so badly it was almost to the detriment of who I truly am.

So, what am I doing about it.

1) I had to get cool with me. Every aspect of me. Loving her so completely that I started to attract that love from others.

2) I know longer fear someone taking "my idea" because it doesn't belong to me. It belongs to the Universe. I understand I attracted the idea so I'm meant to act on it in MY WAY.

3) Perfection is an illusion. Which means imperfection is ALSO an illusion. I am the Most High in physical form. A manifestation of the Creator walking and talking. What I touch is Divine in the form of the Divine Light that I embody.

4) I got ideas. SO MANY IDEAS. I sit and ask is this for me or for me to grow with a group. THIS IS NEW. I am no longer afraid to LEAD. I stand as the LEADER I KNOW MYSELF TO ME. (That made me grin and laugh.)

So.... allow me to reintroduce myself (Every time I have a transformation and elevate I do this so yeah it'll likely happen again). My intention with this introduction is to call me TRUE tribe to me. I'm open to partnerships that bring love and joy to all areas of my life.

Hi I'm Daniyah. If you are an Orisha practitioner I'm Iyanifa Daniyah Fa Omi Sango. I'm really passionate about:

  • Helping people connect with the own Divine Self through Self Love Supporting people in creating a authentic and practical Spiritual Practice where Self Love is the foundation

  • Creating sacred space for black people to reconnect with their ancestral practices without fear or judgement

  • Honoring my own authentic self as a Practically Spiritual Religious Mystic

  • Creating safe space for Black Men to elevate beyond social narratives from plantation constructs and redefine themselves as Gods

  • Creating sacred space for Black Women to reawaken as the Goddess Mother on Earth

  • Creating healing modalities that honor my ancestral lineage and my present powers (Ex. Poetry)

  • Teaching about all the spiritual topics that have and continue to support my growth and connection to Source

  • Helping people tap into their innate spiritual gifts

  • Sending love to those in need and using my spiritual gifts in any way I can to help them

I am a

  • Master Diviner

  • Psychic Medium and Oracle

  • Studying Astrologer

  • Numerologist

  • Certified Reiki Master

  • Certified Master Life Coach specializing in Life, Goal Success, Happiness, and Life Purpose

  • Practically Spiritual Mentor

  • Inspirational, Encouraging, and Empowering Speaker

  • Certified Death Doula

  • and Purveyor of Good Energy

If you feel like we can partner together please feel free to reach out to me. Let's talk. I have so many ideas I'm birthing in 2023. Maybe we can work together. I have a free consultation specifically for events. Just set something up. :)

Thanks for reading.

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